Author Topic: I made a sequel to Your Best Friend, so commence traversal of Dimension Fiefen!  (Read 454 times)


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IMPORTANT: Most of the storyline will be SUPER CONFUSING if you do not play "Your Best Friend" first!  :victoria:

After saving your crew and clone, one of your crewmates is teleported into another dimension. Can you save them? :verdigris:

Note: Yes, it probably has bugs. Please don't post bugs like unfilled holes, stuff that doesn't look right, or basically anything that doesn't affect the overall performance of the level. Post stuff like bugs that influence the main gameplay, glitches that put you in rooms you shouldn't be in, and messed up scripts(Though I tested all of the scripts, which all worked when I played them.)

The entire level is possible if you don't run into any bugs... i don't know what else to say except this is teh end...  :verdigris: 

EDIT: nevermind its fixed  :viridian:
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