"Under Wraps" (Version 1.2.1) [Featured in Bonus Roundup Part 3]

Started by Shuhasu, July 29, 2011, 01:13:19 AM

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Thank you for the feedback Terry!

I shall get to work on fixing these problems  :viridian:

Maybe I'll add more scripts now that I'm getting the hang of them too!


Quote from: Kurosen on July 31, 2011, 10:51:58 PM
Maybe I'll add more scripts now that I'm getting the hang of them too!

Hmm, if you think so - but just because they're there, doesn't necessarily mean the level needs them. This level is feeling pretty good as is!


I think I'll like this level better when Security Lock 001 is tweaked!  Thanks for also suggesting that, Terry.  This definitely has potential to be one of my favorite levels.


Yeah, I think Terry pretty much nailed it on the head. Especially since I missed Vermillion the first time around. And running into a room straight into spikes is also a pet peeve of mine (curse you V-Stitch). Also, speaking of single blocks, is there any chance of tilesets being tweaked so that one block wide sections look right? I've been avoiding them so far, but it would make a lot of levels look better to have that.


is this better for security 001?

also heres what else I fixed:
-Removed Most spikes from One Way Ticket and all spikes from transport tube (except the devious trap >:3)
-Eradicated the single tiles from existence, except those involved in art
-cut the amount of enemies in Security Lock 001 by 2/5ths
-Made sure you can not miss crew mates In CAUTION: May contain pits and Cave-In
-Fixed the one tile floors in Cavern and Control Room
-Fixed A Fork in the Gravity Flux to have wider hallways
-Fixed the last RAE in We Really Need to Fix These
-Fixed the platforms in Quick Reflexes
-...And 005 No longer has a roof or floor
-Removed two spikes from Black Hole Maintainer
-Fixed the grammar in Couldn't have said it better
-raised the floor on Maybe Alittle... while also changing the moving platforms
-Added some more scripts

And Thank you again Terry for the feedback!

Updating Original File

edit: ACK! It seems that i forgot to add some spikes to a crucial spot in Quick Reflexes
and I don't know how (need another playthrough) but my gravity lines were gone in Maybe Alittle... Fixed, there was a Rogue Script here from previous efforts.


Nice level, 5/5
I'm playing in v1.2.1, couldn't find any bugs and enjoyed a lot  :viridian: :viridian: :viridian:
i'm stuck at Quick Thinking, something like this, i don't really think fast mwhahawhaw, btw nice level i like it :D


yeah "Quick Reflexes" Is probably one the hardest rooms in the level!
I realized that its actually easier if you flip up-side-down, I didn't intend for it, but I decided to keep it in there.
And thank you for the rating :D