ATMOSFEAR (v1.1 update)

Started by pixelator, August 04, 2019, 02:33:07 AM

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Here's the level made by Team Verdigris (uugr, me, and vernal-equinox) for the summer 2019 VVVVVV Discord level contest. It got second place. The level was based around the adjectives scattered, tacky, and flippant.

WARNING: This level contains an absurd amount of profanity. It just kinda fit, I guess??


VERSION 1.1: I guess this could count as the forum release of the level? maybe??

  • Compressed the level into a (slightly) smaller map
  • Modified the final puzzle room in area 4 so you can't just skip part of it by turning off the yellow switch
  • Added much more to the area 4 cutscene with Violet
  • Added a few completely new, shorter dialogue spots
  • Updated the credits for allison's name/info teddy's youtube channel
  • There's an extra secret or two...
(the update has new versions of sprites.png and tiles2.png so use those if you downloaded the level before)

Download (v1.1, about revision 45)


Video (for lazy people) (outdated)


hello yes i made part of this level. play it please


video is out now. in case youre too lazy to play i guess


This was an incredibly hilarious level and unless you are bothered by the swearing a must play.

You made a great level even though you had adjectives forcing you to make a terrible level. When I played it I found a shortcut at some point and had a genuinely hard time telling if it was intentional or an accident, since it did fit perfectly into the theme of the level. Since you also did it in your video at 8:34 I'll assume it was intentional.
Gameplay wise I really liked the I, II, III Line Section near the end of the level.

I could have totally seen this one winning the contest.

Also it makes me happy that your team really liked the one adjective I submitted to the poll "scattered".



its me
i kinda contributed to the level, and seeing it as its final form makes me happy
(also we skipped r37 because reasons)


we never skipped any revisions


wtf this is literally slander?????? can we ban seallife1. i feel personally insulted deeply by the insinuation that i would ever EVER skip a revision.


moth 🦋

oh wtf i forgot to comment earlier. this level is amazing, and has super neat mechanics and great graphics that make it awesome to play

Ally 🌠


no one cares

the level has been updated to v1.1! details are in the original post


Harder than I was expecting. But still good. Thanks for making.