Vapoetry Night (5)

Started by Coralbits, August 11, 2019, 11:16:39 PM

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Welcome to Vapoetry Night! This was Team Vermilion's (Hyperfenix, Theepicosity, n me) level for the team contest. We got last place but shhh

The entire crew is at a carnival somewhere in some place when :vermillion: is sucked into an arcade machine, where he must somehow escape while solving puzzles. Features music, custom graphics and very nice sound effects. Adjectives were poetic, vaporwave, and obtuse

moth 🦋

absolutely amazing, everyone play this
playyy ittttttttt

mayo pigeon

Ally 🌠



Hey, it's me. One of the other people who worked on the level. Guess who posted the soundtrack that you can listen to? Me. You can't buy it though. It's