Super Mario Maker 2?

Started by Bruce Michez, August 30, 2019, 12:08:34 AM

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Bruce Michez

Thought I'd drop by.  I've just released my seventh SMM2 course, and I think it will be my last for now as Astral Chain will probably be keeping me busy soon.  As such, I made "The Apocalypse" the most grandiose course I could devise.

If anyone else here plays SMM2, my Maker ID is MYB-93C-KWG.

Betaworld Team (Chara)

Wow, you're back, man! I gotta say, your levels from VVVVVV have inspired me.

I created Betaworld, which is a sequel to one of my friend's levels.

moth 🦋

i havent played smm2 in quite a bit but i'll try to check your courses out!!!


So I had free time when finishing the work at Apknite then I was messing around, creating a level in Super Mario 3D World style, and I thought it would be a nice touch to my level If I could place that 4-blocks special ground when and where I wanted. Is there any way to do this?