Somewhat Difficult Kinda Long Checkpoint

Started by SolarOddity, March 26, 2022, 04:23:03 AM

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Hello. This is my first VVVVVV custom level. This is a very short level being only 3 screens long (4 if you include the clear screen), but it does have difficult gameplay. As the title suggests, this entire level is just one kinda long checkpoint. Even though the gameplay is difficult, I did try to make it fun and as least cheap as possible. This level is also heavily inspired by IWBTG needle fangames. Let me know what you think of this level. Criticism is always welcome.


Hey ! Very nice first level ! Took me quite a while to beat it blind, almost a full hour. Not gonna lie, it made me a sweat and get angry inside a little.
Well, to be precise, most of the level is generally fine and not particularly difficult to beat for high level VVVVVV standard.
...but the last bit of the second room is really annoying, despite how simple it looks at first glance. This is the sole reason why my 5-10 min playthrough turned into a 50 min one. Although my play and reaction to it seemed to be getting better near the end of my grind, it generally was more RNG, painful and unfun to me than anything else in the level (the trinket was laughable in comparison), which unfortunately brings the level down in terms of replayability for me.

But anyways, that's the end of my lamentation. Looking forward to what you do next !


Hey, thanks for reviewing my level. Sorry about the end of screen 2, I feel like I could've definitely done better there. When I was building this, I was originally going to make the end of screen 2 one of those spike wiggle drop things, but I decided to make it something else and kind of ended up with an annoying RNG drop.


I just completed it in 1 hour and 15 minutes and about 500 deaths. This level is my new hardest completion (except Nova, on which I got to the final 5 checkpoints). For me this didn't feel "slightly difficult" but its way easier than ADPLC. Though I was really nervous at the second half of the last room, I could hear my heartbeat through my ears lol. I had one very stupid choke on the second to last flip (which is the most free obstacle smh).

My strategy for the tight corridor on the end of Room 2: Pausing when the first enemy is a tiny to the left from the middle coming from the left, and when I feel like I got it perfectly, I unpause while holding D. Its pretty consistent in my opinion.

Overall, pretty decent level, though I started getting pretty mad near the end of the grind because of that choke, despite that I kinda enjoyed this. For some reason I really like grinding challenging stuff for "fun". Personal difficulty: 7.7 (Mid-High Crazy Tier in my Difficulty Chart)