V-Dimensional - 20x20 Project (LOOKING FOR COLLABORATORS) (WIP) (ADDED LINK)

Started by ViridianX, November 16, 2018, 02:32:02 AM

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Hello fellow VVVVVV players! I'm looking for at least one collaborator for my new project, a 20x20 map called "V-Dimensional!" I am looking for people who are good at internal scripting (which I am not), making unique gameplay, and being reliable and committed. I have about 1/8 of the map completed already. Most of it will probably be the free-wandering overworld. I have started what I think is a mildly deep story plot, that any collaborator may freely improve or continue. DM me or ping me if you're interested! Thanks!

V-Dimensional is a WIP map that has puzzles, aesthetic design, and lots of spikes  :vermillion:
In all seriousness though... this is currently what I'm working on in the VVVVVV editor. I have a free-roam overworld that will take up about 40-50% of the map, which of course will take me the longest to make. See the paragraph above if you're interested in helping out. Attached is a preview of the level.

IMPORTANT: When you get to the part to save Vitellary, you can actually go around him and exit into the overworld. Some edges will drop you into outer space though, so proceed at your own risk!  :victoria:



mayo pigeon

mayo pigeon

wait nevermind this is a year old and the creator is no longer active, and the warp dir in the first room is wrong