VVVVVV Recreation - Space Station / A PJBottomz Level

Started by PJBottomz, August 14, 2011, 03:45:27 AM

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Please don't be mad at me, Terry.

This is a recreation the beginning of VVVVVV in the level editor of the game itself! It's not completely similar, but I feel that the likeness of the actual game is pretty damn close, if I do say so myself (and I sure do say so :vermillion:)

Anyway, hope you guys like it, and tell me if it works right and if there are any bugs.

An Explaination of Purple Text:

As seen in the Stalefish level (Rescuing Violet), there is a code he used to access internal VVVVVV scripts and make his colored text boxes. I used the same code. It actually worked out pretty  well, except for the posistion of the box, but whatever.



Looks a bit off at a few parts, but the new scripts are really cool (crewmate mood changing? awesome)

I feel like stuff like this would be better off when the editor is more flexible though. Stuff like the enemies not going the right speeds breaks rooms a lot.


That actually worked? It didn't do that when I played it...

Anyway, thanks! Yeah, I know I should have waited for the patch but the level was already done, so... Yeah. :verdigris:


I didn't notice if it worked or not, I only saw it in the script when I looked inside to see how you did this stuff.


Ah, yes. I found a post containing all of the internal VVVVVV scripts, and this was one of them. There is also, "everybodysad(x)" which actually worked when I used it as a test.


How did I know someone was going to do this ...

Also, I think the backing is wrong in a couple of places. Maybe it's an issue with placing tiles on top of each other?


No, it's an issue of, I had to do this visually and without gridlines. I had to attempt to recreate by simply LOOKING at the room in the actual game and remake it by sight. So that backing might be a little off. Also, some backing had to be away from the spikes (like in Conundrum) because in the editor, the spikes simply have no background at all. They're just spikes.


Nice :) I'm not sure I really see the point, but hope you had fun making it!


Thank you, and I did!

There is no point; I just really wanted to see if I was able to do this. Once the patch is released, I'll go back and fix the level using the appropriate commands.


Random comments:

- It's "The Yes Men" isn't it?  Not singular "man" ?
- I like how you did the big guys in "B-B-B-B-Busted".  Looks good.
- The enemies are missing from the bottom of "Brass Sent Us Under the Top"!
- How did you get the weird shiny disappearing thing in "A Wrinkle in Time"?  What is that? :o

Also, did you do this from memory?  Nice work in any case!  :P


- No, it was Yes Man.
- Thank you.
- That was intentional. I had to use enemy bounds to keep the squares on the top from crossing all the way over on the screen, and the ones at the bottom do that, so... yeah.
- I think that's a glitch. I can't seem to get rid of it...

No, I had the actual game up (as in the main game) in one window, and the editor in another. I had to do it by sight with no grid help, so that's why it's a tad bit off. :-X It irritates me for some reason.


You should just design an original level, heavily inspired by the main game, IMO. I don't see why anyone would want to play a pared down version of the main campaign, though obviously you enjoy making it, so don't listen to me...


Yeah, I know, but I thought it'd be something interesting to try. Anyway, I already AM working on something that branches from the main plot. It's going to be...

THE SEQUEL OF VVVVVV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!