VVVVVV: Chaos Edition

Started by Ally 🌠, April 29, 2023, 01:31:04 PM

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Ally 🌠

VVVVVV: Chaos Edition

Do you want to get better at VVVVVV? Are you a speedrunner looking for new challenges, while still playing the main game? Are you just looking to have fun?

VVVVVV: Chaos Edition solves none of this, while frustrating you at the same time! There's ~45 random effects which can go off at any moment which alter gameplay in some way! Try it yourself!


sideways flipping,
getting ran over,
cosmic clones,
and more!

So what are you waiting for? Download it today!

Download the zip, and copy your existing data.zip inside of the extracted folder.
This requires Windows, but it's open source in my chaos branch, so Linux users (and maybe mac) can compile it themselves.

NOTE: You can press T to reload a room if it gets messed up and you softlock.


holy shit its badeline celeste


Ok but actually, i am unironically hating when the game abruptly makes me jump but the jumps barely give any height so I end up not being able to complete the room so I have to wait until the teeny jump expires. quality gameplay 10/10 with no flaws whatsoever.
Also i accidentally beat warp zone before ss1 so thats fun


Ok that is really cool ! I want to play it right now ! And i will in a moment, Edit : I can't because I use mac

Ally 🌠

The OP has been modified to contain 1.1, which fixes a plethora of issues, including a bug where only 5 effects would work!


I recorded myself playing this, so here it is :viridian:

Ally 🌠

1.2 has been released! Aside from adding a few new effects, this also adds an effect selection menu, changes some other effects (like giving jump mode a dash!) and other tweaks.