Author Topic: Pacing Energy drumloop is sampled from Beat Box  (Read 39 times)


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Pacing Energy drumloop is sampled from Beat Box
« on: December 21, 2021, 09:54:53 pm »
just posting this here because i feel immensely dumb for not figuring it out earlier despite having an enormous beat box fixation 5 months ago (there's like 30 different versions of it by the original artists alone :o) and beat box being sampled basically everywhere

art of noise - beat box

souleye - pacing energy (identical to vvvvvv version; timestamped 13 seconds, right before the drum loop kicks in)

the sample here is the first 2 measures of beat box. the drumloop and most misc percussion uses it (including the cut-off percussion at the beginning)

this also means that the familyjules cover is officially a metal cover of beatbox

well, that's my post. hope you liked it! -bert
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