What not to put in your VVVVVV Level

Started by VeeC7, August 22, 2015, 09:44:18 AM

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Quote from: Balneor on January 31, 2023, 11:37:00 PM
Quote190. glitched graphics
Not sure what this means. Like, intentionally corrupted looking graphics ?
Since I used the word intentional, thne it means that there was a reason to have it that way in the level, it's justified.
There are a bunch of levels (mostly made by one dude I think) who uses direct mode and a lot of blocks to create corrupted looking rooms. And it's nice.
where a blue corner is pink, or the spikes are quicksand texture
Quote from: Balneor on January 31, 2023, 11:37:00 PM
Quote184. 10x10-20x20 levels where only 5 of them are actually levels
I'm not sure what this means. What means "levels" ? Levels that fill every room with something ?
Level that actually play like levels ? But what's your definition of that ?
Anyways, there are billions of fully 10x10 and 20x20 levels out there.
And even then, it's handy to have bigger bounds, in the sense that it's easier to build levels with since you have more space to work with.
like, 10x10-20x20 but only 5 rooms are filled in


I now understand the first one, but I would still say that it can be fine if used intentionally.
Quicksand are not just one texture, but many different ones in a split second. I have never seen a quicksand texture take completely unrelated textures every frame, it sounds cool and I'd argue that is a great thing for making a glitched looking level.

For your second one, I understand as well. When the level is 10x10 and you want to go to level editor, it can be very annoying to have to move room by room before finally reaching the part you want to play or see.
It's possible people forget about resizing the bounds of your level. But by experience, I'd say it's relatively rare that you can do this, as generally 10x10 or 20x20 levels tend to reach the edges of the map, so it wouldn't be possible to resize it without moving entire rooms around or worse.

Reading it seriously again, I realize the name of this very thread has a huge issue.
It says "What not to put in your VVVVVV Level". But it uses the word "put" which is an intentional action the level maker consciously makes.
If it is an intentional action, then there is no justification for telling these people otherwise. They will always be right for doing it because that's just part of the design they envision.
Unless, eventually, if it's about straight illegal content, offensive and taboo words, very controversial people and concepts. And maybe some rampage level stealing.

I believe the name of this thread could have been renamed to something like "common level making mistakes custom makers may unconsciously do", while still adding a disclaimer in the opening post, that any of these supposed mistakes can be fine if you intentionally use them.
Or else that, you may know their existence, but not care too much, because the state of the level is good enough in your eyes. Much like living in a room in disorder, the shape of the level is up to you to decide, even if it may look or play messy for others.
Now, if you still want people to play it, or don't mind dropping your level for others to play, a disclaimer could be handy to add, so players may know if this will be for them or not.

That thread could include stuff like building oversights (especially backing), releasing a unplaytested level, dialogue boxes that annoyingly retrigger, enemy/platform cycles at the start of a room that cause you to have to wait and do nothing for seconds before every attempts. And, your 10x10/20x20 thing.

Some of these things are definitely not important. But other may hinder the experience of the level if not taken into account.
Which, in the end, would be the point of the thread : bringing awareness to certain aspects of custom levels, so that a then-enlightened level maker would be able to make more decisions about the design of their level.

Maybe, a general thread about level making ideas and awareness would be the best. Because the alternative, just making a list of mistakes that are more often guilty of being subjective, is pretty pointless if not actually harmful to creativity.

I guess, in other words, game design.
'cept that everything's free, so there are no expectation of "quality" against anyone.


195. using VED to load VCE levels
196. trying to make the player motion sick
197. trying to make the player throw up from being motion sick
198. trying to give the player a permanent headache
199. zipping your zipped .zip with a zipped VVVVVV level in it (corrupting it on purpose)
200. doing the previous thing, except the zipped zipped zipped zipped VVVVVV level has custom graphics as well
201. doing all 200 of these in one level


202. say(1,orange)
203. say(1,brightblue)
204. say(1,brighterblue)
205. say(1,brown)
206. say(1,valso)
207. say(1,vita)
208. say(any number above 15)
209. reply(1,color)
210. flag(67,on)
211. try to fork off of VCE and make it better (trust me, i've tried)
212. doing 21x21 or higher in VED
213. corrupting your data.zip to see what happens
214. corrupting your saves folder to see what happens
215. corrupting any part of your computer that you havnt backed up
216. not following 213-215  :violet: :violet: :violet: