Distress in Nishigura (EARLY WIP)

Started by jamodawg97, July 29, 2011, 05:40:08 PM

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This is a level I have started working on, but is in very early WIP.
I have not made any puzzles, nor much terrain.  I am only releasing it to see people's interest in the actual story.

Any ideas/criticism would be appreciated.



I would recommend finishing before posting.


Quote from: Arkatox on July 29, 2011, 06:57:39 PM
I would recommend finishing before posting.
I disagree. I haven't tried this level yet, but the forum is called "VVVVVV Levels", so questions with the level editor, WIP levels, etc. should all be allowed in my opinion. The poster mentions that it's a WIP in the title, so if you don't want to play unfinished levels, skip over it.

I'll give this level a shot. Some pictures and/or a description would be nice though :P


Alright, here's my analysis:

1. The title is cut off when selecting the level. This may just be a bug in the game, but you should work around it for the time being.
2. Cool idea with the ladders.
3. Unfortunately one-block-thick walls tend to look really bad around the edges in VVVVVV. You should probably thicken them up.
4. The story is actually really great so far. Good idea with the telephones, as until there's a command for making crewmates talk this will be the closest thing to it.

Unfortunately there's not much more I can say at the moment, as the level seems to end as soon as I get off of the ship. This level has great potential, and I'm looking forward to seeing it completed!


rly short to say something....

the story looks nice

the ladders are great so i woult like to have the complete one :)