World of Hurt (now with an easy mode: World of Displeasure!)

Started by Doom, July 30, 2011, 05:56:42 AM

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NOTICE: After thinking about it, I know that a lot of people aren't masochists and don't want to waste hours just trying to perfect some of the jumps in my level, so added below is a download link to WORLD OF DISPLEASURE, an "easy mode" to World of Hurt that has fewer enemies, more checkpoints, and less perfection required! This is definitely recommended for those of you that just want to see the basic skeleton structure of my level without ripping your hair out (for reference, my best run of World of Hurt is +500 deaths, while my first run of World of Displeasure is 93 deaths).

This is my first level designed for VVVVVV, something I've been pouring my heart into for a while. Despite the name, it's actually a small 5x5 map that is quite difficult but not unnecessarily so (well, until you arrive to the later rooms). I've playtested it somewhat extensively to make sure there are no bugs, and that checkpoints are well-placed and balanced (there is only one instance where you must go more than one room without a checkpoint). This is not a level that requires CONSTANT pixel-perfect precision; all that is required is a quick finger, a quicker wit and small memorization skills. Some trinkets are especially tricky, but that's why they're optional. The entire level features three small obstacle courses.

The Painslayer:

The Nailbiter:

And the Trials of Error:

There aren't a whole lot of crazy or unique ideas, just small things I whipped up while playing around with the editor. I hope you enjoy and if you have any problems playing this or begin to feel like it's too difficult, please, save your game and take a break (this might actually be a breather for some of you more hardcore types).

DOWNLOAD WORLD OF HURT (UPDATE v.2: now with different songs!):



Wow is this level brutal  :vermillion:

I got to Painslayer 3, and after 181 deaths (total so far and 45 in the first room x.x) I took a break, maybe I'll do better tomorrow


Okay, three times now I've made it through the Nailbiter Final portal and died while going through. You really should find a way to make that not happen.

EDIT: Right after writing this post, I made it there without dying in one shot only to die going through again.


Sorry about that Ice. I ran through it this morning and didn't have a problem with it, but there is another section later on where I would go through a warp token and die. The game is very picky about how close spikes can be to them, and placing spikes and tokens side by side (or even one square away) can lead to some very intense moments where you have to be extremely accurate.

So taking the problem in mind, I updated the Nailbiter Final and the Yet So Far warp tokens to avoid these unnecessary deaths, and changed the layout of one of the end area to cause less frustration. Your save should still work with the update.


Well this is definitely a 10/10 for difficulty!  I've given up to go look for something a little easier. ;)


Nothing pixel perfect, my ass.

Seriously though this is getting pretty ridiculous.

EDIT: Yeah, the thing I don't like about this room is that it feels so unnatural. Platforms can't normally go through spikes like that, because they're supposed to be attached to a wall. It's also visually confusing. Just doesn't really fit the game at all.


World of Hurt may be understating the amount of pain involved here ;)