A Night to Forget (v. 1.1)

Started by pixelator, November 10, 2020, 11:44:10 PM

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Here's my entry for the VVVVVV Discord server's 2020 Halloween levelmaking contest. It got third place, scoring 16.83 out of 20 possible points.

Each participant was given two spooky words/phrases to incorporate into their level.
This level's phrases were Lock him in! DO IT! and the ceiling crumbles.

"Whoever this Doctor Violet is, I need to find them and reunite them with their crew!"

Download here!

If installing manually, remember to remove any existing custom graphics and sounds you may have installed previously. In version 2.3 and later, you can just drop the entire zip file in your levels folder, and the game will load its custom assets automatically when you play the level.

also, have a playlist of music used in the level here!

also, have a changelog:
Version 1.0 - submitted Oct 30, 2020
* Initial contest submission.

Version 1.1 - posted Nov 10, 2020
+ Added a few more rooms to the final zone, plus one lollipop.
  Expect more updates in the future that add even more rooms,
  because I'm out of ideas in this update
* Rewrote Verda's character to make her less of a jerkass, and
  accidentally tied together the story better in the process
+ Added more dialogue exchanges for every time you die
  in the forest area
* Moved the unfair lollipop in "Rat Race" to a new room, (15,5)
* Moved the checkpoint in "Elevator Shaft" one tile to the left.
  You're gonna have to try a little harder than THAT, tas
* Buffed "The Ceiling Isn't Jelly"
* Nerfed "DOOR STUCK" by adding a second moving platform and
  reducing the speed of both of the platforms
+ Added a one-way gate to the entrance of "Exercise Hall" so
  the player can't try to go back down and instantly die
+ Added the "Ooh! A lollipop!" cutscene to "Gape" next to
  its lollipop, and added a flag that prevents Violet from
  repeating the cutscene if you miss either lollipop
* Scrunched the enemies closer together in "The Tumble-Thing",
  creating more clear openings for the player to fall through
+ Added a checkpoint to "Training Hall", and extended the
  platform to fit it. I have no idea why there wasn't one here
+ Added a lollipop to the unused top part of "Exercise Hall"
- Ensmallened the trolly spiked platform in "Scrap Pit"
+ Added an Inspiration section to the credits. This should've
  been there to begin with, but I was an idiot and forgot it
* Changed the description from a meme to an actual description
  of the level, which actually reveals the dimension name

Bruce Michez

As always with your levels, there's a few bits that are jarringly difficult; this time the biggest culprit is "DOOR STUCK" (even after nerf).  That said, I think this is the first time I've beaten any of your levels without once using invincibility or slowdown!  I LOVED the "boss fight" (probably my favourite VVVVVV "boss" yet) and the "auto" segments in the last area.  Definitely your best level yet.