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The Closed World...?
« on: November 15, 2020, 08:00:11 pm »
 29 March, 2019 year
 i created a room, first try to make a level. I don`t know, why i did that btw, and abandon it for 6 months in general to 11 November, and try to expanded it to full map, as big as possible, 
with no idea why and for. I stop at 90% and it`s close to be fully playable, but the truth is i have no point to work with, it`s stupidly bad for my level of understandment in game things, so it`s actually 35% because of reworks and expansions, as always. It`s work of my full 1 year of effords, but some good ideas and decorations is not enough to beat my monstrous tiredness up. i may finish it in some far, dark future, just not now... now is time to show 100 individual systems the results of this experiment year... if they`re alive of course.
there`s no photos because it`s not finished level, and i filled with disappointment...

it`s so hollow there, that it`s like nobody cares, what happen here, but it`s no use, so anyway...
why the hell is it called "distractionware forums"? i noticed that thing, when i was writing useless homo-sapiens english cypher text.
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