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Started by PJBottomz, September 03, 2011, 11:18:26 PM

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Terry, is it possible to flip terminals upside down, like you can with checkpoints? It really makes game design hard without it. :'(



Aw. That should definetely be added.

Now that I have you attention:

Is it possible to code the editor for single-tile wall/backing?
Does the editor use a seperate tileset?
If it does, is it possible to put every type of backing behind a spike?
Would I be able to move the vertical gravity lines over one pixel so that they line up better with the spikes?
Can I code in the ability for upside-down terminals?
Is there a specific codeset used for the editor's scripts?
If there is, is there a way I can code in the ability for script warps and colored textboxes?
Is it possible for me to also code in movement commands?
And flip commands?
And mood-changing commands for the crew?
Is there anyway to make the editor stop forcing the spikes in one direction and have it change direction with a click instead?