Started by arcticwolf15, April 25, 2010, 08:01:03 PM

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I just got VVVVVV and I am trying to install it, but it keeps saying error messages about how it can't find the file for writing. :victoria: Can anyone help?


It sounds like you may want to wait till Terry comes around online.  I'm not sure how to help you there buddy except to suggest that you use the link in your email again and redownload a new copy.  It may have gotten corrupted somehow.  Otherwise, we'll have to wait for Terry.  He may have some suggestions.


Oh dear... :victoria:

Ok, off the top of my head:

- It's either a problem with the installer or the game itself. If it's the installer:
    - You possibly have a corrupted download somehow. Try downloading again!
    - It's possibly not being allowed to install because of some security settings. You might need to run it as administrator.

- If it's the game itself:
     - Could you try the demo and see how that works? If it does, that might help narrow down the problem.
     - My best guess is that you system has disabled the flash cache, which would cause the game to crash when it tries to create a blank settings file. If so, you can fix this by right clicking on any flash game and enabling local flash storage. This should be enabled by default, though...

Let me know how you get on, we'll work it out. :(


Thanks Terry! I'll try those. Until then, I'll just go to my friend's house more often. :vermillion: