Beta patch for all major issues + Game pad support [Updated 03-Aug]

Started by simoroth, August 01, 2011, 11:34:05 AM

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Well, thanks for fixing it! X3
*goes back to work on his level*


Probably I will buy a game pad this week.
I would like to ask something: does this beta supports rumbling for game pads?


When do we get a fix for quicksaving on the 'The final challenge' level? I want to finish this game some time soon...  :-\


Just to say that the deb in the Bundle uploaded the 7th of this month is a somewhat messed up version. The deb says 2.1.2, the game says 2.0, and I say it's the 2.1.beta that was in the first post as it has all the bugs I mentioned. I didn't try the tar.gz as it's probably still the old original 2.0 (upload date says 2011/07/28.)

And as a deb it doesn't create an application menu shortcut.


Any ETA on the Windows version? I'd love to test the bug fixes but don't have a Mac or Linux computer...


Well, at least things are being worked on.
I'd love to see a 2.1 version of VVVVVV for Windows. Makes me glad I told Terry about the Dev files XD

Mr. Unoriginal

Quote from: simoroth on August 01, 2011, 11:34:05 AM
[coming soon]

Can I ask if there's an ETA on this patch at all? I've had a real urge to replay this since 2.0 was released, but sadly performance is far too bad to be playable on either of my machines. Any updates would be much appreciated!

(yes, I did only register to ask this one question, sorry!)


I get stuttering in Windows 7 x64, XP x86, and Ubuntu 11.04 x86 (a brand-new install) with an i7-2600K and GTX 570.  It's noticeable even on the main menu where there's a background image scrolling down.  It doesn't scroll smoothly; the image keeps stopping for a split-second.  I tried this beta patch in Ubuntu but the problem didn't go away.  It happens in both windowed mode and full-screen.  I have a suspicion that everyone has the same stuttering but most people just don't notice.  Am I crazy?


Hi all

Sorry for the lack of updates on the patch. Was away for a bit, then spent a week dieing from jetlag and the last 5 days laid up with a bad back. :(

Good news however:

The patch is on track and has some cool new features. Including an OpenGL mode that will take advantage of GPU acelleration.

To answer the question on rumble: Sadly we cant support that since there is no standard interface for it on any platform. We could have it on Windows, but it would require DirectX library's that would make distributing the game hard.

@mfp2waoe That is very strange. Your machine should eat VVVVVV for breakfast! I'll see if I can replicate it.

Eta on next Windows Beta... Edit: around 8pm GMT as my internet is down!


Quote from: simoroth on August 31, 2011, 11:18:17 PM@mfp2waoe That is very strange. Your machine should eat VVVVVV for breakfast! I'll see if I can replicate it.

Just keep your eyes on the menu background as it scrolls down.  It doesn't scroll smoothly.  It's noticeable in the star field in the background while playing too.  I tried on my dual-core 2.66 GHz non-gaming laptop and saw the same thing.


Ah yeah.

Seems to occasionally get a little bump. I'll see what I can do about it.


Any progress on this? I really want to try the bug fixes on my Windows machine.


September 1st:
Eta on next Windows Beta... Edit: around 8pm GMT as my internet is down!

*looks at clock*
September 12th
No beta? :<
Yeah, I'm one impatient fox XD


I am too - antsy for colored text and teleporters and other stuffs!