Let's Brainstorm Room Names!

Started by Lollipop, January 02, 2015, 03:17:55 AM

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Bruce Michez

Share and Enjoy - this could be anything, but...
Go Stick Your Head in a Pig - the above after a cave-in or other natural disaster in-story.

Info Teddy

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Bruce Michez

Silence in the Studio! - for a room where the music suddenly stops, perhaps just before a plot twist.


That's a Wrap! - End of a warp zone.
Artist's Dream - A room with black backing and inversion-planes to make a picture.

Bruce Michez

Dubious Victuals - a green-and-purple room shaped like Breath of the Wild's "Dubious Food".  VVVVVV's visual style supplies the pixellation-censor automatically!


I Can See The Light - a phrase for a hard room (meaning you'll die a lot probably)
Scurry Along now,  - a fast paced conveyor room

Bruce Michez

I Get Up and Nothing Gets Me Down - if you want a Van Halen reference (RIP).

Bruce Michez

Flip, Flop, Fly - the last challenge room in a level, after which you just fly up to the ending (think "Outer Space" from the main game)
Giga Gravitron - an inescapable Gravitron (this would be an "Entrance to Hades"-style death trap).  Yep, I've been playing through FFX HD while out of action because of COVID-19.


Pica Ponies - A super modded room where you eat ponies
Hop, Jump, and a Flip - A room where you hop, jump, and then flip
Star Vars - A room where you use scripts to "fight" enemies in a Star Wars style.

Marchionne Evangelsiti