Is there any interest for an updated scripting tutorial VVVVVV level?

Started by Elomavi, March 06, 2024, 05:23:34 AM

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There have been many great resources for scripting, but I feel that it helps to learn scripting in a more interactive environment where you can see scripts running in real-time and be given visual examples in-game. For a long time, PJBottomz's scripting tutorial levels have stuck with me as an excellent example of that, but it is a bit out of date and doesn't include anything about how to use internal scripting or more advanced scripting techniques such as those found in Vungeon, Vespera Scientifica, Abort 2, etc.

I wanted to see if there is anybody who wants to learn more about internal scripting or who wants to start creating in v2.4.  :vitellary:

If you also have any other feedback about what you'd want in the tutorial, that would be greatly appreciated!  :viridian:

Ally 🌠

That'd be cool! I do plan on making some ~ advanced scripting ~ videos, but something interactive would be much better to learn from!


A bit late but I would definitely be interested to see that!