White Palace

Started by ILoveV6, November 10, 2023, 05:23:22 PM

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Hello, this is a level I've been working on for quite a while and I'm finally deciding to publish it to the public!

This level contains a lot of hard obstacles featuring everyone's favorite mechanic.. Gravity Lines, but with a little twist  :vitellary:

Go ham on it.

moth 🦋

love this! honestly, i think it's harder than the white palace is in hollow knight hahaha. great work :)


This level if fantastic, it is my favorite hard level without a doubt, and i don't understand how you can publlish such a masterpiece as your first level. That's like stupidly impressive. The level has, the atmosphear, the room design, the difficulty curve, the original and well done use of a "new" mechanic involving small gravitylines. This level is incredible, and does design in a way i couldn't handle for so many rooms. I think this level is the peak of what good design can be. I'm not done with editing the footage i recorded of the level, but here's the first part of my gameplay of white palace :