"Virtual V" by Vimol

Started by Vimol, August 02, 2011, 03:37:30 PM

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So I came up with another idea for a theme, and went with it.  Again, this game isn't the biggest game you'll see around, but hopefully it'll go better then my first game, "The Grand Escape."

Again, any and all comments are welcome, as it will help me improve in the future, or just give me a confidance boost.  Sadly I haven't had this one playtested by friends, so there might be a few cracks that still need filling.

I want to figure out scripting before I work on my third level, so I doubt I'll spam out another so quickly.
*Edit: Added a checkpoint in a room and added a name to another, nothing big to see beyond that.



Rating #019
Enjoyment: 8/10
Aesthetics: 8/10
Novelty: 6/10
Difficulty: 8/10
Room Names: 8/10

A very solid level.  I liked the room numbering system in the beginning; it reminded me of Manic Miner.  This level really seemed fair, in terms of difficulty, except for the trinket parts (side questing) which I didn't have the patience for cause they drove me crazy.  I think a few rooms needed another checkpoint ("Hold that Elevator", the room 0110, and "Leap of Faith" (these names are from memory and probably wrong)).

Nice looking level too.  It was pleasant to look at and play.  "Well Guarded Trinket" is my new favorite trinket room; it's so perfect that I got a screenshot of it.  There are little bits of genius in this one!

Status: Completed


That's great to hear.  I've added a couple of Checkpoints, and I'm so glad to know that I managed a few hidden gems on my second attempt.

I hope to see more reviews. Hopefully good ones at that ;)


This level was very entertaining to play! I got about 7 of the 10 trinkets (missed the first one and I accidentally skipped the two optional ones before the "are we there yet?" section). The difficulty was fair and balanced, and I enjoyed the room-by-room levels in the beginning before the escape (although the escape was fun too). The only thing is that the difficulty seemed a tiny bit imbalanced (in my opinion at least, since I wasn't really dying anymore towards the end... albeit for the last room), but I think it was a solid play overall. The trinkets were fun to get (and quite devious might I add :vermillion:), and I'm looking forward to what you'll put out next.

Might I add that the green level with the stairs made me grin (4th level was it), since the first time I just landed against the floor and decided to evaporate the platforms from below... until I realized my way was blocked. Nice job!


I kinda feared the curve near the end might have been off putting, but I think it felt better to go flavor over challenge.  As long as the experience was still good anyways.

As for trinkets, I tried to make it obvious that I was going some of them being fairly challenging, as I believe side questing is good in a game and shouldn't make players feel completely compelled to do them.  This was just personal stuff though, if it's an iddue, I'll see what I can do either here, or in future projects.


Liked this one a lot - like TheoX, I got a bit of a Manic Miner vibe from it (a very good thing)! Your use of room names is great in particular. My only issues were the use that the "are we there yet" bit went on too long, and the intersecting gravity line in the final challenge is a bit messy.

Really nice level :) I didn't get all the trinkets, but I'll come back to it later and check them out! :viridian:


Sweet to hear.  I added a room that can ge you back to the start if you really want.  Also, another Checkpoint added near the end.


Wow!!!! I really like this level. I haven't finished it yet... working on the sidequests now. So creative!!! I love how many of your rooms are actually puzzles instead of timing games.


I'm glad to hear that people are overall getting such a good experience out of my game


Hey there!

Just completed your level with 7/10 trinkets.

Very enjoyable!


Fun to play! sometimes it's a little frustrating having to start all over again  >:( but hey, it's fun! :viridian:


It's good to know that this game is such an improvement from my first, I'm hoping my third is even better.