"The Dual Challenge" by Souleye

Started by SoulEye, July 26, 2011, 07:38:21 PM

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This is my 6x6 map for VVVVVV v2.0. It contains two paths that intersect twice, and you gotta know where to go. It's got some tricky things going on and some fun things.

Latest version is attached to this first post.



It was fun, and the double path is an interesting idea. I don't remember any intersection though, but I must have not been paying attention. I also wasn't sure if I missed something near Verdigris or not. I knew I was done one path when I got to Vermillion because of the sign and warp and everything, but I don't remember seeing one near Verdigris, did I miss anything?

Another thing too, the room in your picture, it was really weird stepping off the platform onto the platform in the other room, but I don't know if anything can be done about that.


Is it just me or is this level a total maze?  I won with, like, 2 out of 12 trinkets or something (I forget the actual numbers) :o

btw I REALLY like your tiling style.  Your rooms look terrific.


Thanks! I worked hard on these levels!

This is kind of a maze. In addition to the first room to choose a path, there's an intersection at the room called Portamentometric. That room leads either into the teleporter och down-right to a different path. You'll want to enter the teleporter for your trinket hunt. If you get to "Pinnacle" and see two trinkets that you can't get, then you've chosen the wrong path for trinket collection. Gives the level some replayability! ;)

Darth Plato

Bug: In the room called "I never told you that this would be easy" you can get stuck under a platform on the left side.


Fixed. New version attached to the first post. Thanks!


Fun level. Much more difficult than "A New Dimension." It's up to you whether you take that as a compliment or not.

I found no bugs in this one.  :viridian: