Author Topic: Bugs in 2.0, Steam version w/ patched exe  (Read 2194 times)


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Bugs in 2.0, Steam version w/ patched exe
« on: August 03, 2011, 08:52:45 am »
Things that bug me (pun not intended):
Clicking out of the windows does not pause the game, potentially adding time to your record.
Alt-F4 is disabled. I use this to quickly close windows.
Sometimes you can flip in midair just after you drop off a platform. Most visible in Trench Warfare, when attempting to get the trinket the "fast" way.

Not necessary, but the trinket get sound has changed. Also, you don't get momentum when moving (was a bug).

EDIT: When pressing both left and right arrow, left takes priority. Can you change it to make it so the key that was the latest pressed comes in priority?
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Re: Bugs in 2.0, Steam version w/ patched exe
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2011, 07:32:10 pm »
Gaining momentum was a side effect of using Flash for the game. In a nutshell Flash is a layer that has code that can run on a number of machine architectures as long as the run time is there to convert the code the time it takes to convert the code to assembled code AND get the human interface information (Communicating with the keyboard) combined with the number of times the run time allowed the code to run per second created the sliding and accelerated feel. Now that the game is in C++ the keyboard can be more quickly checked for human interaction AND can run as many times per second as the hardware will allow ( Not sure why it wouldn't let it run more often) or can do.