Scripting Tutorial - A PJBottomz Level

Started by PJBottomz, August 03, 2011, 11:23:57 PM

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Because many people are anxious to learn how to script, and to take pressure off Terry (cause he's awesome), I made a VVVVVV level that is a scripting tutorial - IN DISGUISE!

Anyway, hope it's helpful! It should be bug free.

(Please Note: PJBottomz is a self-taught scripter, so it may not be good.)

(Also Note: This uses flags.)



This is great! There are a couple of bugs, though - in 'Total Annihilation, there's one box which just says 'reply'. Also, in the ultimate scripting test, I activated the first terminal and got stuck between a warp token and a flipper line - the flipper respawned when I activated the terminal. I had both trinkets at that point, and couldn't progress :victoria:


Really? Let me look into it. That shouldn't happen...

EDIT: Okay, I fixed both things you mentioned, and a few others I found. The file has been fixed!


Love this level! I think you should add a hub room where you can jump to a part of the tutorial you want to know more about.  :viridian:


While that is an excellent idea, the scripts aren't programmed to give more information. They simply relay the most basic information on the subject. It would take a LOT of programming to add more information to the scripts. :victoria:



Thanks! I figured it'd be a nice thing to do for Terry to keep the impatients off his tail.


Quote from: PJBottomz on August 03, 2011, 11:23:57 PMAnyway, hope it's helpful! It should be bug free.
Sorry to disappoint you :)
If you backtrack after speaking to music terminal you'll get stuck. (no audio, thanks to recording software)

note: "blurring" effect at background is caused by video recording software (fraps does not work, recorded using camstudio.. any suggestions?)


Thanks for making this! It was very helpful for some basic level scripting.

I wrote down all the codes given so that I could use them later on.

Could you enable backtracking so that if someone forgets/mispells/wants to look over a terminal again they can? I had to start over the level again to re-check a terminal.


Okay, I'm sorry to say guys, but backtracking is NOT possible.

To make it possible, I would have to do almost a complete rewrite of the all the scripts. I'd probably have to make an entire new level! Also, the glitch you showed me requires a major script do-over, and it might mess with the rest of the level. I'm sorry, I really am, but just DO NOT backtrack.


This has been pretty helpful.

I'm only stuck with one little thing now.  When I'm done with an event, and I switch it to a flag that does nothing, I still get the black bars like I'm about to talk, or something is about to happen, and reason to as why that happens?


Errr... Can you provide a video of this? I don't understand what you mean.



Thanks for the tutorial!  I was wondering if destroying things other than warps and gravlines was possible, though I think I'll avoid blowing up platforms until it gets fixed.  And thanks for pointing out that script names should be lowercase, as I was wondering why certain things weren't working.  Very helpful!



It's not possible to do any of that yet, but Terry said it might be implimented in the next patch.


Ah, yes, this has been explained before. See, those won't go away until there is some kind of say or reply command. I think there's a way to not have to do this. It was done in Reactor Disaster, which is a downloadable level. I'm not totally sure how they did it though.