"LOVE V 2.0" by Ashley Gwinnell

Started by Gwinnell, August 04, 2011, 12:23:14 AM

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The crew's love for the Captain takes a toll with romantic rivalry between Violet and Victoria.

A relatively small map (5 x 5) of average difficulty. It has some basic scripting to implement a gate where trinkets are required. There are two crew members to find and their speech is a little different depending on who you find first.

Making this level has been quite a fun and pleasing experience - for somebody who doesn't normally enjoy level design or content creation... Yay!  :viridian:

Download here!

Viridian isn't always as sad as in these screenshots!  :victoria:

Have fun!


The page doesn't exist. :victoria:
I've heard of downloads where the page IS the level, but this one doesn't even have a page.
EDIT: Eh, must be my laptop. I'll try it on my desktop and see.


Good level, but on "The V Gate", if you try to go back up where you came in, you get stuck in the wall. Might wanna fix that. That gives Viridian a real reason to frown.


It's hard to find the time to fix, but I'll see if I can do it this weekend. There are a lot of concepts that I'm happy with in this level, but there is also a lot of "i don't know what to create" filler. Hopefully next time I'll make something more congruent and fluid. :)


IT's an unusual level to say the least, but it's in a good way. Nice work.

Damn It AL to Hell

That's pretty nice, I liked it! Nice work, this was a level that could be used for Valentines Day... Why don't we make holiday themed levels!? Anywho, I'd love to see more! 10/10 :viridian:

:shiny: _ :shiny:


Good level, have you made any more Gwinell?