"Son of Gravitron" by wally2069

Started by wally2069, August 10, 2011, 02:34:50 AM

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Every wanted to do more bouncing levels were both sides of the screen were gravity lines? Well now you can enjoy these ten short levels not including a beginning and ending screen. Working on a blog post about the stage design. Hope you guys enjoy.

Download - Son of Gravitron

As seen at http://wally2069.blogspot.com/2011/08/vvvvvv-gravitron-returns.html
QuoteVVVVVV had an update release which included a level editor. It became time to take a break from the current projects to work on a small one shot. This was the chance to tinker with an existing map without having to worry about debugging.

The idea started with a trying to return to the Gravitron. It was a great section with so much potential even more than the current use by the main campaign. This needed to be changed after several unsuccessful attempts at scripting. It became a linear set of levels with gravity lines on the top and bottom for constant bouncing effect.

All the gimmicks were sequentially used to prevent the levels from being stale. That was the point to tie all the mechanics together as neatly as possible. This started off with only enemies and spikes. It continues with conveyor belts, disappearing blocks, and finally moving platforms.

The best use of scripting was to have the lost crewmate cry for help. Each screen would have fresh text to read with the player hearing the cries without being able to return a reply. There were flags set in place to prevent repeat text.

It was fun to try and make use of other resources with the limits well defined. There may be another custom map in the future with a greater emphasis on exploration vs challenges. Hope everyone enjoyed this and go to the distractionware forums to find other custom stages.

EDIT: Broken link is fixed. Sorry about that.


It is a very short level. I wouldn't really compare it to the gravitron too much, (mainly because I absolutely suck at that, and I got through this just fine). But nice work.




Your level design lends itself way too much to "press right randomly a bunch of times and you're bound to get through the screen". At the same time it usually isn't even clear how you intend the room to be passed which makes the level pretty unsatisfying.


@Stampy: It is/was my first serious attempt in level design. I ran out of inspiration and preferred to release something instead of stall out. I could revisit and try to lengthen it out but I do not see what else to add without dragging on pointlessly

@Derbos: The "go right" nature of the level is something that I need to address. It sounded good in my head but clearly is noticeable for all the wrong reasons. They are all supposed to be timing based levels that have a wait and move when appropriate motif. Not sure if that shows.

Thank you for the criticism. I am more than happy to try and fix/polish the map but lack the idea of how to do it at the moment.


i suggest removing all monologue from the level. it isn't interesting, it distracts from the challenge by immobilizing me briefly, and i have to read several lines over and over after i die.

Damn It AL to Hell

Pretty nice level, works similarly like the gravitron, but in a level format good work, really liked it! 9.9/10 :viridian: