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Started by xTwoTails, August 08, 2011, 04:24:42 AM

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Well, so this is my first Stage made with this game!  :viridian:

There is one thing that's missing, and they're scripts. There is no text in the whole game, but I will add them when they finish the Tutorial on how to do that stuff. But for now, it's mostly a W.I.P . Main reason of posting here is to get feedback on what to change and what are you guys opinion.
Stage is very small, but I wanted to give small challenges and at the same time having fun~ I hope I achieved that!

--< I picked up the Critism from users here, thank you very much you all! >--
I've modified the stage (it's a bit easier) to make it better. Names were altered and I'll make a log of the changes below , along with screenshots.

--- Updated File has been attached to the Post ---

-- Changes Log --

-Modified most of the names of each room.
-Added a floor to rooms that didn't had floor.
-Took out most of the Gravity Lines (I really love them, but I went too happy with it XD )
-Made the Level mode doable , but keeping some Hard Surprises.
-Playground was modified but left as is, because there will be dialog when a player reaches that room. (not much purpose tho)
-Took care of some "accidental" glitches and bugs in my own stage.
-"Just Like Simon's Quest : Empty " now has a floor < castlevania reference > , the room above that still has a Castlevania Reference for those that didn't caught it at first.

<-- Updated Screenshots -->

Before: inb4AVGN  / Now: "Patience is a Virtue" was modified, and also the Trinket was removed but with the addition of CheckPoints due to PlayTesters finding frustrating and boring at trying this room.

Before: "Rescue Princess Peach: 9000 time" / Now: Synchronized Rehearsal. Yes, the Crew-mate was intended to be stuck. Dialog will be added to explain (silly scene really)

Before: Why you all get lost! 3:<  /  Now: Platforming is where is at!
I added an extra block of wall in between the conveyors. PlayTesters found themselves annoyed that they couldn't complete the jump.

Before: My harp is made out of mews / Now: ByPass The Security
I took down most of the gravity lines (I'm obsessed with them XD) , then added 3 enemies , which made the room a whole lot easier but the room is much more smooth than it was before.


Uh... Levitating checkpoints?


Quote from: PJBottomz on August 08, 2011, 04:38:29 AM
Uh... Levitating checkpoints?

Yes, that was intentional.
I'll put them back in place once everything is done and final. For now, it's a W.I.P but it doesn't bother anyone does it? o.o


Well, I have OCD, so naturally it bothers me. But I think everyone else will be okay with it.

Do you think it'd be possible to attach the file to the main post? Megaupload sucks. :victoria:


Quote from: PJBottomz on August 08, 2011, 04:42:15 AM
Well, I have OCD, so naturally it bothers me. But I think everyone else will be okay with it.

Do you think it'd be possible to attach the file to the main post? Megaupload sucks. :victoria:

I wish, but the filesize is too big lol
200kb and the max is 128kb

I actually tried to attach it to the main-post first, and then I got told "File Too Big" then went "Oh great... *gets on megaupload*
Sowwy :<


Eh, its fine. Maybe tomorrow I'll take some time to download it and playtest it for ya.

If you need any scripting help, I posted a VVVVVV Script Tutorial that might be of help. It's a VVVVVV level, though, so learning it might take a little work. ::)

Officer Captain

Okay, compiled list of great things and vice versa:
-Maybe add another layer to the bottom of "My harp is made of two mews" by the entrance? It makes me think I can get down there.
-And what in the world is "My harp is made of two mews" supposed to mean?
-Also, a floor for "Space Invaders: Digital Prison". The screen itself seems to be just filler, I think it would be better off with thick walls...
...but that's just my take.
-I also had a slight problem with the writing on walls. While I wouldn't encourage it, you could still use roomtext, instead.
-"Just like Simon's Quest: Empty" also needs a floor
-I feel the checkpoint on "The effing oacksteak..." (?) should be further right. It is a bit burdensome to walk over every time I succumb to the dangers on sharp objects
-Unless it's just part of the challenge of getting the trinket
-That being said, the trinket by the entrance is kind of unnecessary, like the one on the first screen and such.
-"Hidlyde" needs a floor
-There's so many hallways cluttered with gravity lines!
-"Feeling safe?" has crossing gravity lines and an unnecessary one on the middle-right of the screen (Unnecessary as in it looks to rebound you from flipping off of the top, yet you bust your head open anyway because of its close proximity to the spikes below)
-"Why you all get lost? 3:<" Has a emoticon in the name and is not proper grammar, consider revising
-"The Playground" appears to serve no purpose, with all of the warp tokens leading nowhere
-The left side of the screen directly under the first screen is a deception which serves no purpose
-There's no checkpoint in there, either
-"Rescuing Princess Peach: 900th Time" lacks a visible floor :violet:
-The room names were unsatisfactory, honestly

Review: Missing floors, clutter, why'd you put an emoticon in the room name, some unnecessary trinkets here and there.

Yeah, your level could use a bit of work, in my opinion. But keep trying, something good could come out of this!


Got that ~ Thanks!

I'll be working on the stage based on those recommendations.

There is Scripting yet to be done. That's why there is a "Playground" and a "Trinket" right at the start of the stage. It's got a story to be attached to the stage, with dialog. 

Writing on the walls, I was thinking of just leaving that for just being silly, tho I may end up removing that all together for the final version.

Room names has a purpose, you'll see later once I figure out how to do Scripting.

The Stage itself still a baby and needs a lot of work, so I'll improve this over-time. For now, I can work on what I can until I can learn "Scripting"

At least the Stage was playable and doable lol


Hey, I haven't played the level yet, but I would recommend saving your screenshots in PNG format rather than JPEG. JPEG completely ruins the quality because it compresses the image into a much smaller filesize.


-- The Second Screenshot has a typo but it's fixed in the game!

So I released another W.I.P , without dialog still. I logged the changes, tho I forgot some of them... @@

Hopefully with the changes you guys told me, now it's more enjoyable~

Let me know what you think! It's still a W.I.P  tho, but still , let me know what to change and what to improve!


I know you're still working on scripts. Like I said, I did make a tutorial. Of course, I'd be happy to run a small typed-out tutorial that runs over the basic commands.


Quote from: PJBottomz on August 09, 2011, 03:46:30 AM
I know you're still working on scripts. Like I said, I did make a tutorial. Of course, I'd be happy to run a small typed-out tutorial that runs over the basic commands.

I will appreciate it. It seems everyone knows about it but me. @.@
either on "typed" tutorial or "in-game" tutorial will be very well appreciated it ~ =3


Well, I can do the typed tutorial if you're short on time. But if you have enough free time, I'd recommend downloading my level. It covers it a bit more.