"Apocalypse" by Taco13

Started by Taco13, September 05, 2011, 07:19:48 PM

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This is a pretty short level that's mostly story-based. I hope everyone enjoys it!

The Brass

That was quite a difficulty spike there.


I really liked this level. It was pretty good. Just two things:

1. HOLY HELL THAT WAS DIFFICULT. Seriously. But, I did say that if you have less challenging rooms, it's usually made up with 2 or 3 difficult rooms, so...

2. This.

It's not level breaking, but one end of the room has spikes and the other doesn't. Should one try to cross, they'd end up on spikes. T_T


Nice level, I liked the part with the marching army, and the overall style.
In the level with the alien walls that prevent you from going left or right it's still possible to go left or right if you time it just right.


I'm glad everyone likes it! Thanks for that about the spikes missing, I think I will add those later.

Damn It AL to Hell

My favorite user made level yet, I really like this one 10.1/10 :viridian: