level: Lost Laboratory

Started by Damn It AL to Hell, August 10, 2011, 04:31:45 PM

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Damn It AL to Hell

A level made weeks ago with a few tweaks and working terminals.


Rating #032
Enjoyment: 6/10
Aesthetics: 7/10
Novelty: 3/10
Difficulty: 6.5/10
Room Names: 5/10

It's pretty obvious that this was one of your earlier ones, since it has a bunch of spots where you can go through walls (RAE's), the most glaring instances of which are "Beware, Airlock" and "Hangar".    The level looked alright; I liked the beginning two rooms a lot.  Room names felt lacking though, for some reason.  It might have been a better idea to polish this one up a bit before posting it, but it's alright.

Status: 100%'ed!