Started by PJBottomz, August 13, 2011, 01:44:56 AM

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You know that script that Stalefish used to make colored textboxes? Well, that's not the ONLY thing it can do.

I was playing around with it and actually managed to change Viridian's color! I won't plan to make a level using this since it will (probably) be avalible in the next patch, but the code is kinda tricky. This is what I did to make Viridian turn into Victoria:

Oh no...

And although the color doesn't immediately change, it still happens. I recommend against using this script at all, because it can access VVVVVV's internal scripts, and that might not be the best idea...

Current List of Shit I've Been Able to do Using this Code:

Played as the entire crew
Created a companion (for some reason it only makes Vermillion)
Played as VVVVVV Man


The commands "text" and "changeplayercolour"... are they usable in the level editor? I thought they were only part of the main game scripting that Terry used?

I suppose this is a good find if somebody wants to make a map involving colour changing at this very second but it may be more ideal to wait for a relevant patch...


Without the code used by Stalefish, they aren't. He explained how this entire process worked on his post concerning his level...


Wait.... Is changeplayercolour used in the main game at all? I only ever remember playing as  :viridian:

Maybe it's used in the cutscenes where it shows the lost crew stumbling around the world?

You know what would be amazing? If in custom levels, if you're playing as  :verdigris: , you jump instead of flip.


Ah yes, a different move for each crew.

:viridian: = Flipping
:victoria: = Teleport
:vermillion: = Destroy enemies
:vitellary: = Can work out secret codes from terminals
:verdigris: = Jump
:violet: = Flash