another level i made in 2018 or smth

Started by Bamshockdodge11, November 07, 2021, 12:44:15 AM

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well here is another old level i found from a while back. this level i gave the name "two-path level" and i havent checked it out in a bit but from what i remember it is at least decent??? idk enjoy lol


I was gonna say it was too bad the beginning trinket was blocked off... then I looked at the editor 

pesky warp lines trolls

Small maze-like level, needs a couple playthroughs to explore everything but it's short and not too painful so it's fine


check out my remix! it's called "three paths", and i added a new, cool, glitch path!


I'm not going to lie, kid or not, this is some unreasonable thread replying on your end.

To repeatedly resurrect plenty of very old threads with not much to say could be seen as an annoyance for many. If you really want to do so, have a good reason for it, so that it can benefit the entire thread. This is what the warning message for replying to old threads is for.
I know a lot of people do it nevertheless, but in general there are mitigating circumstances. You're doing it a great lot in a unthoughtful fashion.

Still, if it were just that, I wouldn't speak up about it. It's not an actual real issue.
But I believe you crossed a line with this post. Not only resurrecting a two-years old thread unnecessarily, but quite literally just to promote your own level. Could at least make a new thread or reply to your own one.
What's more, I'm not sure why you chose this particular thread out of all of them. If you check the original poster's account, you'll see they're completely inactive. And me, well you know already. I don't get it.

I know you're probably simply awfully looking forward to people playing your levels, and there's nothing wrong with that. But you really need to keep your posting behavior control in check. Understand that being able to reply to anything doesn't means it's always a good thing to do.
You also can't force people to play your levels. If anything, people may have been annoyed into not playing them. You levels being played will happen, but it may take time. In the meantime, try and do something else.
All I'm saying really is that you can remain the way you are without being as irksome.

A bit of a sudden post, I'm sorry for the scare, nothing deep. But I felt this was necessary to say.


Okay. I finally understand. This is not any level but a modified version of theirs. This is why you replied to them.
Then this makes most of what I say incorrect. Outside the thread revival thing.
It really did seem to me like you were randomly promoting a random level. Sorry for that.

About the remix. Not much that I can say, it's only three rooms long. Also you made accessing the second (middle) path unreachable because of the roomwarp.