Dimension 333333 by Sendy

Started by Sendy, August 13, 2011, 03:10:40 AM

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Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying your level!

I've only gotten through green so far, but I'll be keeping at it until I hit 100%.


HOLY V***** that was hard.

I had to skip a couple of the last screens because I was so overwhelmed and my hands were twitching. I got 17/20 trinkets, though!

Masterfully done, though I wish there were more than one checkpoint per room, directions to the purple zone, and...

Okay, every time I finished a room just to die on a dissapearing platform right next to a checkpoint, I felt like strangling you ;)

Once or twice this wouldn't be *terrible*, but it was a frequent enough occurrence that I was hating life.

As for the You Always Hurt the One You Love... that was one of the ones I had to skip because of my twitchiness. To my tired eyes it looked like Veni/Vidi/Vici's cousin. That second cousin that nobody talks about because he's a serial killer.

Very challenging and creative puzzles, though! Almost too long... Full length VVVVVV game considering half the time I spent dying.


You're right, I used the *room transition* *crumbling platform* *spikes* thing way too much. A bit of an IWBTG influence there, if somewhat fairer. I'll try not to repeat that mistake, though it's somewhat less prevalent in the Easy Mode version!

You might like to play the Easy Mode, if you ever want to replay my level. It's in the other thread. Every single room is significantly easier!

Thanks for suffering through my level! If someone wants to do an LP of it on youtube, that would make my day!

Much thanks to everyone who has played and commented - It makes me happy!  :viridian:

EDIT: Here is a link to the latest version of my level! It has improvements, and a seperate Easy and Hard Mode! I'm deleting the old version from this thread.



Hello. I'm allowing myself to revive this thread for a very special occasion. Namely :

Dimension 333333 is an absolute cornerstone of the history of VVVVVV custom level making. It is a pure blast of level design, decoration and creativity. Even ten years later, it fully stands out as a very high level production.

With these, the boundaries of what's possible in the game are again expanded.

Although I hadn't this in mind originally (nor would I have ever been expected to), I turned these into a present for you. Wherever you are, one day you'll surely see it.


10 levels per year (100 levels in map)