Author Topic: Short Video Review of VVVVVV on Ancient DOS Games  (Read 1427 times)


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Short Video Review of VVVVVV on Ancient DOS Games
« on: August 13, 2011, 03:23:53 am »
Even though my web show, Ancient DOS Games, is mostly about taking a look at old DOS titles, every few episodes I take a break and do a short "filler" episode that can be about anything I want it to be about. Considering VVVVVV's recent update to include level editing, and my creating a custom level for the game, I felt it would also be a good idea to take a quick look at the game itself! :viridian:

So, here's a link to the video I just uploaded for those of you who wish to watch it:

Again, it's a very short look at the game, and really, I just wanted to make it so I could make my fans aware of VVVVVV's existence and to help spark more interest in the game. I'm going to guess that almost everyone reading this thread already has the game! :vermillion: