"Unknown Dimensions" by Arkatox

Started by Arkatox, August 18, 2011, 04:30:28 PM

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I won't hide the fact that The Tower of Power was a huge inspiration. This level took me many long hours to make and fix all (but one, which I can't figure out) of the glitches.

I had a lot of fun making and playing this one, like my other ones, and I hope you guys will have fun as well.

Download from Mediafire


I have just ended it, got 5 of 5 trinkets, nice level, thanks  :)

The Brass

Good level, albeit a bit short. The hard trinkets looked impossible at first but were doable in the end. Good work.


Ohh, look at all those spikes  :o

I'm going in!  :viridian:


The Spike Room (the one one in the screenshot) is actually really easy, but it's cool. :viridian:


Fun level! It didn't feel in anyway connected with Tower Of Power to be honest, other than the start ship idea.


It was inspired. The idea of actually having a story related to Viridian exploring planets.


Short, quite fun... I got all trinkets, but died the most getting the first one (that ONE spike to the LEFT of the trinket! OMG!). I liked the presentation, and I'm a fan of pointless linker rooms, so I liked the pointless linker rooms, though you could have done more with them (maybe add some background) but for a quick level it was fun.

At first I thought you were going with the 'simple challenges but less checkpoints theme', but that seemed to dissipate after the first quarter or so.


You know the rooms "One", "Two" and "Three"? There originally wasn't a checkpoint in Three. It was meant to be one large challenge. My brother gave my a piece of his mind, though, and I changed it, lol. Thank God I did...