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Started by DensetsuNoKaboom, August 19, 2011, 12:01:05 AM

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Hello, I am new to the forums, so tell me if I've done something wrong.

I made a 3x3 level with one lost crewmember and three trinkets. It is very short, but I'm proud of it as it's my first level ever.  :viridian:

I hope you like it.


It's quite good, but I've got some complaints:

1. That one-block tiling always looks really strange. I really hate it when that's used in levels :/

2. A lot of the time, you got killed as soon as you walked into a room, with no warning - it made for a lot of cheap deaths that just meant you had to do a segment again.

3. The difficulty curve was all over the place. It started off quite challenging, then seemed to get easier and harder at random intervals... it was much too uneven.

4. A lot of the levels looked generally messy, with spikes thrown around in seemingly random places, often not even adding to the challenge much.

Overall, though, it had a lot of good ideas - I guess it's just a case of arranging them next time :viridian:


Thank you for the constructive criticism.

Toward the end of the level, I'd used up the ideas I thought of, and started placing hazards....well...haphazardly. The rooms did seem to get generally easier as time went on. I wish I knew how to script VVVVVV so I could make more and different stuff, but...I don't.

I tried to prevent you from dying as soon as entering a room, but it seems I failed.

Lastly, if I'm correct, this is the 1,000th post in this subforum. Yay me!


Okay, so I just finish playing through the level.

1. Spike placement was a little... random
2. Multiple times I died as I walked right into the room.
3. The trinket in "Harp Strings" is a suicide trinket AND an unexpected death! Those are two big NO-NOs in VVVVVV levels. I recommend putting a dissapearing platform over the spikes.
4. "The Treadmill" was quite entertaining, but dying in the room below it, that pissed me off. Mostly because I got through it on my first try and then died and had to do it again and messed up a lot. >:(
5. What the hell where you thinking? |


I was thinking "If people stay on the platform too long they'll hit the spikes and die." For some reason if the platform just hits one row of spikes it doesn't kill you.

I plan to edit the level to be better, and I can use criticism.


Well, it's kind of bad placement. I would put spikes above the platform (on the ceiling), so that they can't stay on the platform. It might not be much of a challenge, but it looks better.


I believe there are already spikes on the ceiling above the platform.

How's about I put backing in so it looks like the spikes are at least on something?

Also, is there anywhere where I can learn to do scripting in VVVVVV?


There ARE? I don't remember them being there...

NO. Backing and Spikes do NOT mix well enough yet. Besides, it still looks sloppy. You should try to come up with a different idea.

I made a scripting tutorial. I might have to make a new one after the patch is out, but now, it's pretty suffice.


Yes in fact there are spikes on the ceiling.

The backing does not look good to me either, but at least it's better than the spikes on top of spikes.

Now to find that tutorial...



I bumped it so you can find it easily. :)


Thank you very much!

Now I'll put an updated version of this level on the first post.  :viridian:



Is the new version better?

Thanks to your scripting tutorial, I'm working on my next level, currently titled "High Places".  :viridian:


Hmmm. Well, er...

You hardly changed anything. Why didn't you listen to any suggestions from the others and me?


I did change stuff! Let me check again...

I know I changed the Trinket in Harp Strings so it's not suicidal, and added/removed spikes in various places, at least...does the thing I uploaded have those changes?