+ve F⃑: a transcriptionmix

Started by Isoraķatheð, September 17, 2011, 09:44:40 AM

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I'll be frank: I went over and listened to the piece over and over again and again for a while now in different circumstances, and it managed to become such a regular part of my brain that it has begun to be slowly digested!

The result is that bits of Positive Force is coming apart, and when that happens, I can slowly recompose it into a format that I'm comfortable with.

Sheet music.

In a way, it ś a transcription: I try to faithfully copy every last instrument in the original. But due to a strange quirk of the sheet music program that I use (MuseScore) it only allows orchestral instruments. So what I did was to map each bit of the piece to an instrument, add in a couple of embellishments and tweaks, and voilà, the transcription has become a remix. Instruments used are piano, drums, cymbals and a string quartet.

So, that's what happened. The transcription is named "+ve F⃑", which, you'll be glad to know, is pronounced exactly the same way as the original.

(If you can't see it, there is a small one-sided arrow pointing to the right ⇀ on top of the F. In Unicode parlance, it's a harpoon; in physics and maths, this represents that the F is representing a vector. F⃑ is a shorthand for "force" or "applied force".)

I'm not nearly done with it yet (this is a long piece!) but I'm making steady progress.

Unfortunately, the image files are very big so what I am going to do is to upload a single .mscz file. This is the MuseScore file I am writing this piece with and as such I will continue to update it from time to time. The best thing is that it is teeny-tiny at 17 kB.

PREDIT: wait, zip only? Well then, a .mscz inside a .zip then. It should be 16 kB.

Oh, all I have is my ears. I have nothing else to base it on, so errors are going to be there. This includes volume errors (which given the environment is inevitable) and simply mishearing or not hearing certain notes. I will soon include an audio file, but not now.

I will also include the sheet music, but instead of hotlinking them I will simply link them. Watch out though, they're still 200 kB monsters and not something to be trifled with. They're high-enough resolution to print.

http://chaos.foxmage.com/iso/Other/+ve F-1.png
http://chaos.foxmage.com/iso/Other/+ve F-2.png
http://chaos.foxmage.com/iso/Other/+ve F-3.png
http://chaos.foxmage.com/iso/Other/+ve F-4.png
http://chaos.foxmage.com/iso/Other/+ve F-5.png
http://chaos.foxmage.com/iso/Other/+ve F-6.png