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Answers are below (how surprising)

1: C
2: D
3: A
4: D
5: As long as you don't feel like doing a sequence break (which will glitch the game anyway), C

6: Don't know, but I died there once in No Death Mode. Don't ask...
7:  :vitellary: and :violet:
8: I'm assuming you're still talking about the Space Station? Green Grotto then.
9: 20
10: The room with the teleporter
11:  :violet:
12:  :vitellary: and  :victoria:
13:  :vermillion:
14: Can't remember
15:  :vitellary: (I think?)
16:  That he was unsure about if they ever would be able to escape the polar dimension
17: The antenna
18: doomS and Swoop
19: COMBINE! *merge into a giant version of the characters* (is it called VVVVVVman? At least it is in the scripting - vvvvvvman()) *wreaking havoc* *undo the merge*
20: "about 10 seconds"


1. c of cource  :viridian:

2. d?

3. d?

4. I think it's c.

5. c

6. This is a weird guess but is it ''Don't be yellow!''?

7. I'm guessing  :victoria: and  :verdigris:.

8. I can't remember...

9. 20

10. I don't remember the name but it's the room where you can choose music to play in the ship. (I hope this answer is fine :viridian:)

11. I think it is  :violet:.

12. I don't know...

13. ....?

14. I can't remember........

15. I'm not sure but I think the text was yellow so I think it's  :vitellary:.

16. I can't remember this too...

17. Haven't seen the screenshot.  :vitellary:

18. Why do I have so bad memory?

19. This is easy!  :viridian: They COMBINE AND DESTROY THE WALLS!!

20. I guess it was 10 seconds?

Yeah, I suck at remembering things... But I hope it went well!  :viridian:
(Also, sorry for my bad english...)


1] C (Viridian)
2] D (Violet & Victoria)
3] A (Chief)
4] D (Dimension VVVVVV)
5] C (Violet)

6] Frown Upside Down? If it's Energize i'll scream.
7] Vitellary (Space Station 2) & Viridian (Space Station 1)
8] The Tower (Seeing Red)
9] Twenty
10] Teleporter Room

11] Violet
12] Think Vitellary but not sure =/
13] Again, think Vitellary, but uncertain =/
14] Something along the lines of "Thank goodness you rescued the professor etc."
15] Gonna guess Vitellary again =/

16] Viridian worried that they wouldn't make it out of Intermission 1
17] The antenna
18] doomS and Swoop
20] About ten seconds.

DAMMIT 6, 12, 13 and 15  :victoria:


1. c
2. d
3. a
4. d
5. c
That's not "basic info questions", it's "proove you have bought the game"  :viridian:

6. Forget what I just said :verdigris: (not the roomtitle)
7. Viridian and Verdigris
8. What do you mean by "the level"? If you're talking about the dimension, he's in the Tower. If you're talking about the Tower, he's in the room after the scrolling one.
9. 20 (This one means "have you read the text that appears each time you get one?")
10. The teleporter room

11. Violet. By the way, in Comms Relay, if you wait at the beginning of the room, Violet will call Verdigris but not you.
12. Vitellary and Victoria.
13. Victoria (not sure)
14. Blah blah blah... (not what she says)
15. Vitellary

16. You're a sadist! (not what he says)
17. The antenna (I usually don't notice him when I play because I get all the trinkets before the final level and I find the Warp Zone last)
18. doomS and Swoop
19. They combine into a giant blinking Viridian, and destroy the wall (I think it should be smaller... but VVVVVV doesn't agree the physics laws)
20. 10 seconds (and this one means "did you get all the trinkets?)

Now that it's finished, I have to tell you something: I don't make levels, and I think I deserve the Level repair. It means I can't get any reward :victoria:
Some ideas of other questions: how many spikes are there in this dimension? (Just to avoid making a level)
If Violet gives you a lollipop, how many crewmates have you saved? (1, her)
In which room are there the square diagonally-striped enemies? ("Mind the gap")
Which music can't be heard before the game is finished by any LEGAL way? ("ecroF evitisoP")
Who do you rescue last in "333333"? (Vitellary)
Who made "4k VVVV"?
What do you toggle with F10 in the level editor?


i finished VVVVVV like 2 hours ago before i found out about this, so here are my guesses

1.  c.:viridian:

2. d. :victoria: and :violet:

3. a. :verdigris: is a chief

4. d. Dimension VVVVVV

5. c. :violet:

6. lemme guess, frown upside down?

7.  :vitellary: and of course, :viridian:

8.he's in the top tower, and the room is seeing red

9. 20

10.the teleporter room

11. :violet:

12.  :victoria: and  :vitellary:

13. i think :vitellary:

14.that  :vitellary: had too many questions

15. :vitellary:

16. didnt  :viridian: tell something about teleporters to  :victoria:?


18.swoop and dooms

19.the turn huge and explode the walls

20.10 seconds


1.  :viridian:
2. :victoria: and  :violet:
3. Chief.
4. Dimension VVVVVV
5. :violet:
6. Frown Upside Down. The teleporter is in Energize.
7. :viridian: and  :vitellary:
8. The Tower
9. 20 trinkets.
10. The teleporter room
11. :violet:
12.  :verdigris: and/or  :vitellary:
13.  :vitellary:
14. Something long the lines of 'Victoria was so worried about Vitellary!' or something.
15.  :violet:
16. Oh god... Uhm... Pass ._.
17. Antennae maybe? I don't know.
18. doomS and Swoop
20. 10 seconds.


1.  :viridian:
2. D
3. A
4. D
5. C
6. ... Uh, I'm drawing a blank. (He gets dropped in Parabolicia, though.)    Oh, yeah! Frown Upside Down!
7.  :viridian: and :vitellary:
8. Seeing Red (The Tower)
9. 20
:viridian: :viridian: :viridian: :viridian: :viridian: :viridian: :viridian: :viridian:       :vitellary:Will finish


Basic Info Questions

1. c. :viridian:
2. d. :victoria: and :violet:
3. a. Chief
4. d. Dimension VVVVVV
5. c. :violet:

Open Response/Memory Game

6. From Upside Down in the Secret Laboratory 2
7. :viridian: and :vitellary:
8. :vermillion: is in the Room Seeing Red, after the tower on the right.
9. 20 (or 22, there are 2 Trophies that looks like :shiny:).
10. The Teleporter Room

Okay, lets crank it up!

11. :violet:
12. I don´t know. I never played it this way.
13. Same as the answer above. :D
14. She was worried about  :vitellary:
15. I think, it´s :vitellary:

Can you truly answer these?

16. Uhhh... Pass.
17. The antenna
18. Swoop and doomS
19. Pass.
20. 10 seconds


Here are the rest. :)
10. The Teleporter Room
11.  :violet:
12.  :victoria: and :vitellary:
13. :vitellary:
14. That he has a lot of studies to do...?
15. :vitellary:
16. He was worried he wouldn't find a teleporter.
17. Antenna
18. Dooms and swooP
19. COMBINE! (Morph into Vanilla, who needs more attention, by the way)
20. Abou ten seconds.

I THINK I aced it. :vitellary: The suspense is killing me...


AARGH! Sorry for double posting, ::) but I got capitals mixed up. :-[ :-X

doomS and Swoop.

There we go!

By the way, how do you get te trinket emoticon?
Quote9. 20 (or 22, there are 2 Trophies that looks like ).




I thought it was :trinket:

Terry, add it to the emoticons list.


1. C.
2. D.
3. A.
4. D.
5. C. *

6. Frown Upside Down
7. Viridian and Vitelarry
8. The Tower (or specifically, Seeing Red)
9. Twenty
10. The Teleporter Room

11. Violet
12. Vitelarry and Victoria
13. Vitelarry
14. Can't answer this
15. Vitelarry

16. Can't answer
17. The Antenna
18. Swoop and doomS
19. They combine and break through the walls.
20. 10 seconds

*unless you sequence break through Invincibility Mode.


Quote from: PJBottomz on August 20, 2011, 06:41:30 PM
Just something I thought I'd throw together for fun.



1. You cannot have VVVVVV open while completing the quiz
2. You cannot look at other people's answers
3. You cannot reveal any correct answers to anyone
4. You cannot duplicate this without permission.
5. You cannot use search engines to look for answers.
6. You cannot use Q&A sites (Wikianswers, Yahoo! Answers, etc)
7. You cannot ask other VVVVVV players or Terry for the answers
8. You cannot use the almighty Trinket of Answers for help. Besides, I locked it in a cage... :vermillion:


All Twenty Answers Right = A Level made for you by PJBottomz
19-15 Answers Right = A Level Repair by PJBottomz (fixes broken scripts, bad-looking maps, and other stuff)
14-10 Answers Right = A Script Repair by PJBottomz
9-5 Answers Right = A Map Repair by PJBottomz
4-0 Answers Right = Honorable Mention

Basic Info Questions
(I will put brackets around my answer in MC and write it in OA)
1. Who is the captain of the ship?

a. :victoria:
b. :vitellary:
[c.] :viridian:
d. :vermillion:

2. Who are the two doctors?

a. :vitellary: and :victoria:
b. :viridian: and :violet:
c. :verdigris: and :vermillion:
[d.] :victoria: and :violet:

3. What is :verdigris:'s job?

[a.] Chief
b. Officer
c. Doctor
d. Professor

4. What is the name of the dimension that the crew is dropped into?

a. Dimension LLLLLL
c. No Signal
[d.] Dimension VVVVVV

5. Who is the first person you rescue, no matter what?

a. :victoria:
b. :vitellary:
[c.] :violet:
d. :vermillion:

Open Response/Memory Game

6. What is the name of the room you find :vitellary: in?
I dunno...
7. Who are the two people dropped into the space station?
Viri-chan(Viridian) and Vitellary-sama(Vitellary)
8. :vermillion: is in what part of the level?
Seeeeeiiiiinnnngggg Reeeeeeeeddddddd... >:D
9. How many :shiny: are there, total?
10. What is the only room of the crew's ship that does NOT have a crew member in it?
The main teleporter
Okay, lets crank it up!

11. :verdigris: confesses to :viridian: that he likes one of the crew members. Who is it?
Violet; imployed when you rescue him
12. If you rescue :vermillion: before these people, he will appear somewhere in the areas that the aformentioned people is trapped in. Who are this people?
Vici-chan(Victoria) and Vitellary-sama(Vitellary)
13. If you have rescued :victoria: before this person, she will be concerned for aformentioned person. Who is that person?
14. What does :violet: say if you talk to her after rescuing :vitellary:?
I never saw anyone do.
15. Before :viridian: is teleported back onto the ship after the end of the game, some one says, "Any second now..." Who says it?
Ummumumum... I DUNNO TT TT
Can you truly answer these?

16. What does :viridian: tell :victoria: after they find the teleporter in the first intermission that makes her upset?
Umumumum... I dunno...
17. :verdigris: is shown in a VVVVVV screenshot fixing what on the ship?
I never saw a screenshot.
18. In the second half of the space station level, there are two rooms that have rotated names. What are the names?
Swoop and doomS(doomS is Swoop turned upside down)
19. During the secret lab intermission, how does the crew break free from the sealed room they teleport into?
Combine into this giant... I don't know what... and SMASH DA WALLSS!!! >XD
20. How long did :vermillion: say he was able to last on the Super Gravitron?
10. Seconds.
If you submit answers, I will PM you what you got. Good luck! :)


PM me!
I want to see how I did!!!!! :violet: :violet: :violet: