level: Cyberspace

Started by Damn It AL to Hell, August 23, 2011, 11:55:24 PM

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Damn It AL to Hell

a new level, took me a while to find time for it (keep in mind that I test every level I make)


Review: 7/10

Pros: Short and sweet
Mostly polished

Cons: Not difficult at all
Too short and not enough sweet


This level isn't too bad. :-\ Maybe a bit more storyline and a lot more polish needed. But at least it wasn't like, rrr, that OTHER one... :-X


Rating #042
Enjoyment: 8/10
Aesthetics: 8/10
Novelty: 2/10
Difficulty: 4/10
Room Names: 5/10

This one is definitely an improvement over your previous levels!  It played very smoothly, no glitches or particularly frustrating rooms.  This level looked quite nice as well, though I noticed a lot of similarities to rooms from the actual VVVVVV.  You took some room names from it too, and though that's no big deal, it makes your level look a little less "yours".  Anyway, here's some room complaints:

"Diagnal" - did you spell it that way on purpose?  Or is it supposed to be "Diagonal"?  Not a big complaint, this is actually one of my favorite rooms in the whole level.  It looks very nice.

"Wrong Turn" - why does this room even exist?  Just close the top in the room below it.  I hate unavoidable deaths T_T

"...or slow" (is that what it was called?) - There's not much room to get past the enemy here.  It's a bit harder than anything else in the level, which feels wrong.

Nothing else to say.  You're getting better!

Status: 100%'ed!


I really liked it :)
Finally an easy level ;)

+ not too hard
+ a lot of different challenges
+ it's like a tasty snack!
+ no bugs!

- a little short
- it needs some kind of little story

Overall a very good job, I know how much time it takes to test everything and I think you did great!