The Closed World...? 2019 for 2022

Started by Wequer, April 07, 2022, 12:47:36 PM

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more of a personal imput and stuff reuploading. not interested in editor digging and it`s bizzare days in years, then nothing to do here. if it`s cringy for mod to deletus, reflect

State of Explonation

"TCW is map, that i tried to make for SUCH A LENGTH, i terrified, that with that soft life i gained to it. And it`s saying of child in his ways of not doing anything important for it`s whole life, fully realising it, being underdeveloped with sauce at uniqy, and questioning posibility of percieving self as person by any means (which is major characteristic forever). Any pile of sh0t is so happened under circumstances of things in it`s way, yet it`s still for art creating at going. I don`t know, where the hell i write this, so no refer and rely, not even my understandment, since mental blindness"

  TCW had 3 versions, which third one was released with it`s holes. Other versions were under files and forgotten memory as a burden, until under impression of my capacity i questioned it throught finding whether i can... which turned my playing Delirium. Third one was created by me enforcing idea of imperfection and generic nature of second (first?) one, so such as stupid at finishing it.
  Then it got wrong. Nearly half of year spent to make something, that was got to nowhere... as anything was just pointless, no joy for creating, else to understanding it`s inner, but having no outer to complete together, and most of all... disapointment at what i could making, but refuse to. So i just will throw this leftings i did left at this post?, then embarrass that text out right after.

  !@#$%^&*() the point of this post is just leading internet work it`s main function, and so any are not obligated to read or write this things out. there a thing of being in informational field your whole life, standing enviroment and construction of owned once design, along with so happened characteristics of mind-body to work through. any kind of existence lives standard programm reformation into interconnection of supporting live thing of plant billions year or so. Sometime it`s weird to happen. i try to express, existence of things, that everyone has gotten throught it`s so called construction, that was determined by childhood, interference from it`s whole life, yet one again there is me, who got so called emptiness, so literally turning being of precetion into things i ever capable of grasping. Hurts. this map was unpleasant thing to make, as anything reveal noone, anything to passion, life. any kind of done just so happened, with no connection to it, no rememerance of past, acting out just to be motion, living with matter at literal, kind of ok, yet annoying with every part of body, mind, regulations for atmost lack of difference between anything. any livings once dirt into high complexity, no way without being part of to make sth important, where everything is stupid, just not to be able to tolerate into degreee of complete disorintation, so mind and grasp into mess unimpressive, yet who can be more true to be alive!, as i relief lack of control, that i didn`t have, not even knew presence of, to finally make me continue to live, so cursing all and no to be it`s own once again, and hopefully make my way to continue this post again!@#$%^&*()

  Previous post stands true, and no unworthy for my road, as this is just post of humble and probably humiliation i felt under myself to turn this little, of several things i have ever done with clear mind, possibly only one i have ever made in practice in passion for prolonging period, to unenjoyable one. I have no possiblity to express self, as just preception of self and lacking needed elements to make it work. Speech of simple words into broken ways for enterpretuer man, lack of will into admit of dissapointment with age of how simple.

   That`s the last words i ever said, of how i carry this thing, as burling primitive mind, that doesn`t explain nothing to himself, as stand for outself, ever using self to erase it.
   you can download these abort`s results, if u wish/wonder


I'm not sure to have been able to fully follow you, but it seemed you had a lot of self reflexion, which can't hurt at all.

Did you actually achieve all of this this young ? That's seriously impressive, dunno how many can say that. Crazy how these are completely different than the current version, outside of the area structure and certain areas. Even the gameplay is unique to them, which I absolutely didn't expect at all. I can't begin to imagine the amount of effort you've gone through with this, perhaps it was no wonder you grew weary of it

Although a lot of stuff is impossible as well in these old versions, and that even despite waves of nerfs, I'm still having a blast playing them on the editor.

One thing that's clear to me is that this project won't ever become obscure and forgotten as long as I'm here.


  not Following, just Interconnecting outer dots.

This in young itself is not impressive. usually any kind of underdeveloped lack resource and balance for operation around world and making stuff. Rather frustration, than tireness. pretty nothing for holding to last, and annoyance in life as enviroment.

blast playing them, despite being probably the map with careless conscious effort for making any meaningful gameplay... uhu, make it worth of your day - have to say

One thing that`s clear to me, that trying to taste any amount of juice to salty lemon ice makes it oblivious to finding out and keeping from grave some underdeveloped trash-dance, leaving comment under any kind of interest burgling say of mind, so taking this as... duty? maybe    also this thing is obscure as it is without or with of any kind of as in unlimit for unlimited account

it`s cool to have this recall (like small), tried to comment+ for this  why for not