level: Vex Returns

Started by Damn It AL to Hell, August 30, 2011, 03:05:46 AM

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Damn It AL to Hell

Wow, this might be my longest level yet, everything is working, no bugs, no glitched terminals, and 3 crew members to save!
Tell me your opinion  :viridian:

alrighty I went back and fixed most of the bugs, should play a lot smoother now


Quoteno bugs
...challenge accepted  :vermillion:

Twisting paths (small bug): can get below the bottom ledge and jump down through the wall on the top of the screen.
Avoid: jump down the hole you came up from or under the ledge and you get stuck in the wall.
Dizzy: The bottom checkpoint should be upside down.
Red Robin: Can be teleported partway into the wall upon entering and float up.
Twin Waterfalls: falling down the pit gets you stuck in the floor.
There are a couple of rooms where you can walk to the next one and get immediately hit by spikes without time to react. These are Dizzy (walking on the very bottom right), and Road block (one the ceiling, though this is less of an issue as it's hard to get to in the first place).
Scripting / continuity / misc: the terminals don't make sense if you read them out of order. If you ignore the message and go the last way first you get stuck at the end.

Nice level, a bit easy for my tastes, but I really liked some of the style, the waterfall room was especially nice looking.


Didn't even wanna try to find bugs, but found some anyway...

In "Byte", the name blocks the blocks at the bottom, so it made me think that you can fall... (This also happens in several other rooms, revise this...)

In "Dizzy", bottom checkpoint needs to be upside down

Using the warp in "Maze of Little Confusion" causes collision error in "Red Robin"

Self-insertation is a no-no, but I guess it's okay.


Rating #044
Enjoyment: 8/10
Aesthetics: 8/10
Novelty: 4/10
Difficulty: 7/10
Room Names: 8.5/10

The story was a bit weird, but I definitely enjoyed this level.  It looked very nice; a few of the rooms were very impressive to look at.  I liked "You're in my Way" in particular because of the "missing" centers of the spikes.  Not too much new material but I liked the layout, and the challenge was fine for me.  The room names are also worth mentioning because a lot of them were very creative and interesting.

Here's a few more room complaints (other people already covered some that I wanted to mention:

"Terrain" - the room name covers up the spikes.  They should be visible.
"Worm Hole" - Same as above.
"Seismogram" - Same as above.  (what's with this?)

The last room is also a little iffy... I know the level SAYS to do the righthand section last, but what if someone just ignores all the terminals?  I don't like the idea of the last room being a dead end.  Anyway this level is still a good improvement on your previous.  Very nice!

Status: 100%'ed!


Good, easy and generally well presented level. I LOVED the cracked hull screen. Pointless but creative aesthetic stuff like that really makes a level for me. You could have thrown a few more linkers like that in and I'd be all over it. The whole level feels like it should be expanded on, though, but that's just my preference to mid to large levels. I just didn't feel there was time for the sense of conflict/challenge in the plot to develop.

Also, re: self-insertion, breaking the fourth wall, etc... I would NEVER do that. You'd NEVER see me put that in ANY of my levels. ESPECIALLY not my last (and, um, only) level Dimension 333333. NEVER. Especially in terms of making myself the 'evil mastermind behind the devious dimensional deathtrap dilemma'! It's unthinkable and should never happen. Ever. In fact, it didn't. This is totally not hyperbole either.