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Rescue VVV
« on: September 05, 2011, 03:58:58 pm » (Last one for today)    :viridian:


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Re: Rescue VVV
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2011, 04:11:24 pm »
you can ZIP the file and make it incredibly small that it fits as an attachment.
*downloads level*

EDIT: I'm gonna type as I play.  EDIT2: I'm gonna add screenshots now.

" To The Other Side " I suggest add a floor because it seems that you can go down , but instead you hit a floor.

" The Time Is Right "  was that made on purpose? Tell me that was a mistake.  When you reach the end of the room, the game keeps sending me back and forth repeatedly thus causing me to hope to land on the ground. Which I ended up jumping down and causing Viridian to die for some reason.

Oh, I just noticed that after that room there is a pile of Spikes which causes me to die. I would suggest revising those two rooms together or put spikes before I hit the next room so it will warn the player that there is spikes coming. I would put normal floor tiles instead of conveyors.

As we have said before, intersecting Gravitational Lines is not a good idea as it can cause cheap deaths. They're sensitive you know?  Might wanna put a small tile to separate them.

When you rescue  :vitellary:  if you jump up, you'll glitch the stage. (I think that was an accident tho) ( Look at my cursor where  :vitellary:  is. On your level editor, add a tile or two covering that small spot.

"Hate Spikes?, I don't care"  The space between the spikes should have a visible floor as it made me thought I could go down. Invisible spaces (when there is really a floor but it's not visible) can lead to confusion.

-- And I'm done with the game --

That's pretty much all I had to tell ya.  Small stage but revise it a bit more.  7.8

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