Prize for the Reckless

Started by PJBottomz, September 05, 2011, 10:38:28 PM

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Terry, seriously, how the hell do you get that trinket without dying - you HAVE to die to get it! :o


Indeed you have to die, but thank god No Death Mode just wants you to complete the game without getting trinkets :3


I found it out. And it's totally amazing. Here's the incredibly long list of things you have to do - and you can't be in "Prize for the Reckless" when doing this.

1. Get up from chair (or whatever you're sitting on)
2. Go into kitchen
3. Get something to drink
4. Drink it slowly
5. Turn on the TV
6. Watch TV for the the next hour
7. Turn off the TV
8. Eat a sandwhich
9. Stretch a little
10. Sit back down
11. Go into room
12. Realize you were a moron for doing all of that because the spikes have been [color=light blue]removed[/color]

The Brass

Sounds like you haven't reached the trinket in No Death Mode.


I've seen how you get the trinket. It's hilarious, trust me.


It's the same way you get it in the Space Station 2 time trial.

That room's name changes to "Imagine Spikes There, if You Like" and "I Can't Believe You Made it This Far" in the time trial and no death mode, respectively.

EDIT: correction.

Dispensers Heal

The spikes were eliminated by the magic of scripts.