level: Vex's Stronghold

Started by Damn It AL to Hell, September 16, 2011, 02:23:51 AM

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Damn It AL to Hell

YAY! My latest level has been finished, with a story that will mess with your heads! (fail)
NO BUGS! (you be the judge) But I don't think there are any. :viridian:


I still love your avvie, Vex.

Anyway, here's my FIRST official PJBottomz review!

PJBottomz Levvvvvvel Review #1 - Vex's Stronghold

Room Design: 8/10 - Your room design was pretty nice (especially in the beginning). My only issue - enemies in the walls? It's not that big of a deal, it just seems... unnatural. I'll let it slide.
Scripting: 5/10 - The scripting was good, but every single script repeats (I tested each one).
Plot: 2/10 - Eh... It was a little boring. Plus, you still went with self-insertation.
Bug-Free Rating: 10/10 - As far as I can tell, no bugs, no glitches.
Difficulty: 7/10 - This was pretty decent in terms of challenges, although, the trinkets could have had challenges
Overall Rating: 7/10 - It was originally going to be 6, but you get +1 for mentioning me as a Main inspirer. ;D (Don't think I'll keep giving +1's for that, though.)

So, I didn't really have many horrifying issues with this level. It's definetely one of your best levels so far! I still think the trinkets needed challenges, and the design needs a little work, but it was pretty good. I liked the statue of Vex (although, on the mouth, one side is longer than the other - was that on purpose?) I think the only issue I found was this:

Just a Little Pich - I think you forgot the "n," but it's actually pretty funny (I still recommend fixing it, though.)

Good job on this! I hope to see more levels from you. :viridian:

Damn It AL to Hell

Thanks! I'll be sure to fix this!

Damn It AL to Hell

Oh, and a little trivia, Vex is white. (I'm not talking about real life though). Even though I am. This isn't racism JSYK.