level: The Gemini Twins

Started by Damn It AL to Hell, September 24, 2011, 06:54:15 AM

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Damn It AL to Hell

Oh jeez, this one took a long time, and it got deleted twice, so be grateful! JK
Don't worry, Vex is not the villain here thought.


PJBottomz Levvvvvvel Review #6 - The Gemini Twins

Room Design: 9/10 - Other than a few tiling errors and ground hidden behind the roomname, your design is IMPECCABLE! (sp?) (I really liked the statues in, "Obey the Law!")
Scripting: 8/10 - It was funny, but it repeated. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
Plot: 6/10 - Because there are no terminals and script boxes, the plot isn't really defined well. However, the script at the beginning gave me enough info, so it's all good.
Bug-Free Rating: 9/10 - The one collison error (listed below) ruined your chances at 10/10. Sorry. :(
Difficulty: 6/10 - This wasn't really that difficult. The placement of the checkpoints made it a little harder than it needed to be, though.
Overall Rating: 9/10 - This is a really good level! I am totally keeping this in my levels list! I liked the design, the scripts were funny, and the challenges were very creative. I really liked a lot of your room names. You should now work on keeping those scripts from repeating, though.

Things I Noticed -

In the opening script, you put, "Vertigris." It's, "Verdigris."

In, "The Grip of Justice," part of the bottom floor is blocked off by the roomname.

In, "Cubic Meters," the checkpoint on the bottom is unfairly placed.

I wasn't expecting the conveyors in, "Lag," and I died instantly. :'(

There needs to be a checkpoint at the end of the top half of, "Cubic Meters."

In, "This looks like crap!" (which actually doesn't), there are no conveyors at the exit at the top, but there are in the next room. It's kind of paradoxial (JK).

If you hug the left wall in, "Four-sided Bastards!" and go up, there's a collison error in the next room.


This was a nice level. Here, take a trinket. :shiny:


I hope to see more levels like this from you, Vex! I can definetely see improvement.

Damn It AL to Hell

Thanks, but I have no idea how to make a text box stop repeating. :victoria:


I made a tutorial on how to do that - does no one even READ it?

Dispensers Heal

I liked this level.

Could've used more scripts. This level gets an S Rank and a Shiny Trinket of Liking.