Vat is happening? :nomegusta:

Started by robloxfan1999, October 01, 2011, 02:39:44 PM

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There's realy nothing happening anymore, and to make sure. Im'a leave a cookie here and hide where no one could see me muhahahahhaha.

Damn It AL to Hell

Not many people online that much, usually 4 or 5, that's about it, hopefully the community isn't dying.


The community isn't dying (not as long as I'm here!), we're just getting back to our lives. Children have school. Adults have work. Some get back to real-life to do stuff they're supposed to do. Plently take vacations or go to parties and fairs. Everyone (should) have a life outside the internet.

Damn It AL to Hell


Just because a community is slow, doesn't mean it's dead.

Sometimes, it's better slow.

(And one person bumping ten topics at once makes me not want to read any of them, so that doesn't help.)