Beta patch 2.1 Final

Started by simoroth, October 04, 2011, 04:16:25 PM

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Quote from: simoroth on November 16, 2011, 02:00:17 AM
a new windows binary is now up. (also its worth getting for a framerate boost)

The windows executable from link is dated 2011-10-04, and I don't see any differences in-game between those and the previous beta patch.

Are the download links updated? Or were you just reminding that the 6 week old ("new") patch is (still) up?


Seems somewhere things got cached and it was serving the old file. A new file with a new name is up that should hopefully fix that.

Just putting up a new linux build again in a bit.


Logitech Precision gamepad isn't supported well:

button 4 is mapped to both flip and activate
D-pad left/right buttons switch MAP/CREW/STATS/SAVE tabs in reverse order
there is no way to exit the MAP/CREW/STATS/SAVE screen with gamepad only
when I have the flip key held down, pressing or releasing left or right flips which results in accidental successive flips

if you won't fix that, at least implement an option not to detect gamepad input so that I could play with a gamepad via keyboard emulation like I did in 2.0

Damn It AL to Hell

Wait, what is new in this update?


I tried the last Linux build by downloading the humble bundle .deb version then deleting /sur/share/VVVVVV/VVVVVV_32 and copying the new VVVVVV_32 in its place. The Humble Bundle version was labeled, 2.0, the one i have now is 2.1 with a new OpenGL in the options.

I shall say most of the bugs I have reported in the old thread are still here . All the joystick problems are still here and notably the funky one with the inverted directions on the map screen. Independently we need an option to remap.

There is good on the front of the screen anyway. The opengl option I don't know what it is supposed to do but in my case it only makes the screen buggy with funky resolutions. After turning it off it was better. Now the automatic fullscreen is working, although I can't use the functions keys of my laptop anymore. These are keys like Fn+F8 to turn the volume down, I remember they were working with the previous version.

The mouse pointer is forever on screen while playing.

I shall say that my version of Ubuntu is now 11.04


I've come to realize I'm still running version 2.0 on my Mac.  Is there any way to upgrade, that I've missed?  I haven't been following the forums very well.  (Which I feel a little guilty about, since I'm still a moderator.)



Any news on that Steam patch?  :(


I didn't get VVVVVV on Steam, because I didn't want to wait for updates. Besides, it isn't that hard to take screenshots with PrtSc.

Why is there all this blank space in the player levels?


You can patch it manually on steam...


But I want my achievements  :(


Quote from: simoroth on October 04, 2011, 04:16:25 PM
[Coming soon!]


I'm kinda wondering if that will ever be released.



The tower save problem was not fixed for me.

When I load the game from a quick save, I see no playable character, the tower accents by itself till the end and no button works. The problem occurs on the second tower level (do not know about the first).

Platform: Windows 7.
VVVVVV version: 2.0 from Indie Bundle (before installing the patch)
The save was performed before installing the patch.

I can upload the save file itself if needed.


I feel the need to ask at this point ... will there ever be a Mac version? Ever?


Yeah, there will - after IGF I'm thinking of hiring someone to do the remaining work on the patch. It's a little ridiculous at this point :(


Guess the plans for 2.2 is gone?

Would be fun to utilize the quicksand vs moving platform trick (even if that might not have been existent in 2.2...). Cannot even do it manually (or I just fail)


Don't be so hasty! Besides, if 2.2 ever comes out, at least give it a year... In the meantime, keep the distractionware forums active.