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Started by DeceasedCrab, January 09, 2010, 10:47:29 PM

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In the Kongregate demo:

If you play Space Station 1, then quit in the middle to the menu, then play Laboratory, the dialog will be all messed up.  Sometimes it will have Veridian act out the opening scene, in the middle of the lab.  It's quite funny, actually.


Possibly a related behaviour?

Disabling the quit menu during cinematics doesn't quite seem to work-- it can still pop up during the off-dialogue frames. If you quit while doing that, it'll let you go back to menu, but when you start the game again it'll continue the cinematic.

Even when it shouldn't:

spoiler, sorta /Terry



if you do intermission2 and quit it sends you to outer space and you just keep rotating and rotating until you press escape to leave. bug or intended behavior?


Hit a nasty bug.  Playing with it full screen I alt+tabbed out, and then when I went back, I couldn't unpause it.  Further experimenting with that revealed that it's actually just that it never updates the graphics.  From the sounds, I could still play it, but I just wouldn't see it.

Sounds like a Flash projector problem, though.  Not sure if you can actually do anything about it. :(

Doesn't happen in windowed.  And windowed+maximized looks nicer anyway.


Oh man, another one.  After beating it, go to The Tower and select ship from the menu.  If the spikes get you while the teleportation flashing and popping are still going, he dies, but then you can't control him when it restarts you at the last checkpoint :(


This one had me doubting myself:

If you're spawning from the room "I'm Sorry", then you cannot go straight towards the purest unobtainium trinket without first spawning in "Please forgive me". There's an issue whether or not the head of the guy bounces thru the line a little or not, depending on where you start. It's small enough to make it impossible. I tried 491 times, feel free to try yourselves.

Edit: Apparently it depends which way you were flipped when you start the journey.


My experience with flipping is that if you run off a ledge, you wind up moving slower through the air then if you flip off a surface (and consequently, don't bounce as much).  Though maybe I'm talking about something totally different from your experience.

Fun times!  I was playing through Undying and made it to Space Station 2 before dying.  I continued, and it loaded my undying game--in which I had skipped most of the trinkets.  Consequently, I didn't have any of them.  I played through, went back, got the trinkets... and still only had 18!  I scratched my head and realized I'd forgotten the ones in the starting area.

After going back into the Space Station 1 teleporter to work my way backwards... Veridian promptly said, "A teleporter! I can get back with this!"  I went into Quicksand, and the game hint to use arrows for flipping popped up.  I went into Trench Warfare and got the cutscene regarding trinkets.  When I got my trinkets and went back through the teleporter, it brought up the cutscene with Violet and told me that I'd completed the level and finally rescued all my crewmen.  Except the others were now missing.

I had 20 trinkets and no crewmates.  Weird.


Quote from: Scout on January 11, 2010, 06:13:32 AM
Definitely a bug: when I try to return to the ship in the middle of The Tower, it doesn't work, the player dies, and then loses all control including the menu. The only way out is to close the program.

Just got the same problem.


I also had the tower spike issue.



Quote from: joniho on January 13, 2010, 02:43:14 AM

Hover for spoiler

Yes, it's a bug, but it's totally hilarious. I think Terry left that one in there on purpose.  :viridian:


Fullscreen doesn't work on Wine. Can we get a version that starts in windowed mode just like the demo, which works fine, until you get the Linux version ready?


I was in The Tower & i tryed teleporting back to ship from the Enter Menu, but it diden't teleport, all the controls stoped working & it just kept restarting the level back form the last checkpoint


I'm in the final area, on flip mode, and at the bottom of the screen, where if I remeber correctly it should show the room name, it says 'glitch'

After turning off the


Dimensional Stabiliser


It now says 'change'