Accidently saved unstead of loaded!

Started by VoodooPenguin, November 05, 2011, 09:38:27 PM

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Well, I accidently saved instead of loaded a level ive been working on. What i saved it to was a blank level. Is it possible to get my level back!?  >:( :'(


No, sorry :( But the 2.1 patch will make it so the filename field is cleared between sessions, hopefully preventing this in future.

Sorry you lost your work :victoria:


Its okay, it was just my first level! More of a way of teaching myself! Ill come back with a better level (hopefully)! BWAHAHAHA  :vermillion:

Damn It AL to Hell

This is similar to what happened to my level The Gemini Twins, but it happened TWICE! But I guess when it happens you come up with better ideas.