(3DS) importing user made levels?

Started by seaking177, December 30, 2011, 07:19:55 PM

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got all the tokens, beat the game (2 hours and 22 minutes :D!) played some of the user made levels...but how do i make my own and import them into this version? i have not found an option in game or in the folder stored on the SD card.

:( are 3DS users gonna be able to import more levels?


At the moment, it's not possible, but it could come in a future update to the 3DS version. :viridian:


I can't wait till that feature is added, I bought the game the other day, and just wish my level was in there.



Me too. I hope this game gets update with that feature or level editor itself. But first i have to hope this game to come to EU. :verdigris: